Blessed Organic Yoni Steams

Join the Feminine Wellness Revolution and discover why millions of women worldwide are turning to the Yoni Steam as their natural, safe and effective wellness solution. It is the BEST self love ritual for every woman, available right here!

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This beautiful ritual allows you to meet the Divine Goddess within, connecting mind, body & soul in a space of harmony where you can nurture your needs in the most loving way

Every woman can benefit from a Yoni Steam to improve her quality of life, and that’s why you’re really here, because you’ve been looking for a way to enhance your wellbeing and our Yoni Steam is the perfect solution

I know you feel connected to this because it is a tradition practised by your ancestors, imprinted in your DNA as well as the collective feminine consciousness which is why you want to experience the benefits of this whole plant wellness solution with your heart

This is your invitation to discover the profound benefits of our Blessed Yoni Steams!

Traditionally Blessed Yoni Steams have been used for:

  • A significant reduction of pain, bloating and fatigue associated with menses

  • Some women have reported complete elimination of pain, bloating and fatigue with menses

  • Assists with fertility issues

  • A deepening of love and sensuality into your intimate relationships

  • An opening of your heart space and softening to your true nature

  • Decrease in menstrual flow

  • A reduction of dark purple or brown blood and clotting pre/post menses

  • The release of stored emotions associated with negative sexual experiences or trauma of any kind

  • Releasing of Spiritually Transmitted Diseases

  • Balances the Chakras and activates the Kunalini energy

  • Helps to open up your third eye and connect to your Spirit Guides & Higher self

  • The release of anxiety, depression or hate towards your body and femininity

  • Connecting to the energy centre within that is your creative potential

  • Restores irregular or absent menses

  • Detoxification of your womb and elimination of toxins from your body

  • Increases the body’s natural healing ability and aids recovery after birth of a child

  • Healing after a miscarriage, abortion or stillbirth

  • Treatment of uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, uterine weakness, uterine prolapse

  • Treatment of endometriosis

  • Treatment of Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome

  • Assists healing after a hysterectomy and other medical procedures

  • Repairs vaginal tears and episiotomy

  • Assists the healing of haemorrhoids

  • Treatment of chronic vaginal/yeast infections

  • Maintain a healthy odour

  • Relief from symptoms of menopause which include dryness or pain during intercourse

  • Can also be used as a Spirit Bath

By now you know the benefits of a Yoni Steam and your body also knows exactly which herbs it needs so please allow your intuition to guide you when choosing your blend

The traditional uses of each herbal blend can also be found in the description of each one

All you need is a stove, a pot, a sarong or towel and space to hold yourself in this beautiful ceremony of self love

Yoni Steams are a gift from our Mother Earth re-discovered in modern times. They are a natural, safe and effective whole plant wellness solution that can be done easily by every woman in the comfort and safety of your own home

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I send instructions inside each pack and all precautions necessary

Our Yoni Steams are handmade, sourced from 100% certified organic growers to support families and communities transforming our world

They are cruelty free, vegan and eco friendly

I bless all the herbs personally ensuring the intent is one of pure love and integrity so you know you are getting the best when you purchase from us! You’re helping not only yourself but making a positive change to our world

Yoni Steams have appeared in many recent media articles expressing the profound benefits and life transformations experienced by women all over the world, with famous advocates such as Gwyneth Paltow sharing her story here and The Elephant Journal review here

This is your opportunity to discover your body and connect with the most sacred parts of yourself. The ultimate ritual of self love, it has been truly life changing for many women worldwide, including myself

It is my personal mission to bring the Yoni Steam into the hearts and home of every woman as an affordable, safe, natural and effective method of self discovery to facilitate healing on a mental, physical, emotional and spiritual level. It is a calling of your Spirit home, connecting with the power of our Mother Gaia and her plant medicine to empower yourself and reclaim the Divine Feminine within

I am inviting you to experience the power of a Yoni Steam first hand, all from the comfort and security of your own home. This time honored tradition is your birthright as a woman, to embrace your femininity and reconnect to your core in the most loving and nurturing way as practised by all of our ancestors

Why Yoni Steam?

The ritual of a Yoni Steam has been lost amongst the modern Western cultures, and it is time for all women to find it again

A cold womb can not hold new life, and it is my belief that a disconnection from your womb is directly associated with a disconnection in all areas of a woman’s life. It is no surprise fertility rates are dropping while treatments like IVF and synthetic hormones are on the rise

yoni-5The Yoni Steam is a sacred practice for you to go within and connect with your womb, your core, and bring love into this part of yourself. It is an opportunity to allow the healing wisdom of Gaia and her plant medicine to enter and nourish every part you
Yoni Steaming is about empowering yourself to love, heal and maintain your body, trusting the support of your ancestors who held this tradition before you. It is about reclaiming your femininity, cherishing your physical body while liberating the un-manifested creative potential that resides in your womb
From Love, Love will grow

History of the Yoni Steam

This tradition has been passed down from healers, medicine men/women, midwives and doula’s alike throughout the ages

Women have shared this knowledge with each other, inspiring one another to heal and nourish their core, the infinite spark that holds all of creation

Hippocrates taught about Yoni Steams in ancient Greece where it was recorded in the worlds first medical texts. It was also written about by the ancient Mayan culture half a world away from Hippocrates! The technique of Yoni Steams has since spread worldwide and has been found in literature throughout Africa, Spain, the Caribbean, Korea and other parts of Asia


How does it work?

A Yoni Steam works by steeping herbs in hot water, allowing the natural oils which contain medicinal properties to be released. After setting a quiet space to perform your ceremony, perhaps even lighting some candles, place the herbs and water into a bowl and squat over it naked from the waist down. It is important to wrap a towel or sarong around yourself to invite the warmth and steam into your womb. Keep your feet warm with socks if need be too. Squat for 20 minutes over your bowl and invite the power of Gaia into your most sacred space. Maintain the temperature by standing for a few seconds if need be so as not to burn yourself, then return to the steam

*NOTE: It’s important to use filtered or natural spring water as tap water contains many harsh chemicals that don’t belong anywhere near your Yoni!

hands-on-wombUse this time to focus on reconnecting to your womb and set your intent for the ceremony. I provide prayer and intention for each specific blend however this is your steam so get creative. You may cry tears of joy as you find yourself again, or perhaps tears of sadness as you release the emotions of your past. The experience varies for each woman but the results are always profound! Return the herbs to the Earth when finished and love yourself afterwards as you reflect on your personal experience with the Yoni Steam

The moisture from the steam carries the oils to where they are needed, firstly to the outer area of your vagina. It is important to squat over your bowl of herbs as this is a natural position for your body to be in, opening your hips and vagina which is important for when it is time to give birth as it can foster an easier delivery. Squatting relaxes your nervous system, improves concentration and stimulates circulation, it also helps to achieve balance and remain grounded as you lengthen your spine upward. For those who find it difficult to squat, you can use a chair to sit on with an open base to allow the steam to enter. Specialised Yoni Steam chairs can be found online, however squatting is the preferred position

yoni-4The heat and moisture gently increases circulation allowing the labia to swell and open where the steam can then reach the inner labia and mucus membranes. The oils are then absorbed via the mucosal lining and taken through the bloodstream to your uterus and throughout your reproductive system. Whole herbs provide gentle absorption of the oil, essential oil extract is too concentrated and potent for this delicate and sensitive area

During this ritual focus your love and attention on your womb, connecting to your core and nourishing your inner needs. It is a sacred time where the flow of energy is open creating the space for emotional release. It is a powerful time for you as you align your physical body with your mental, spiritual and emotional body to find your centre in peace & harmony

While this energy flows through your womb, the blood circulation increases also which regenerates the lining of your womb giving you the opportunity to shed that which no longer serves you both physically and emotionally. This promotes a healthy heart and womb, balancing hormones and emotions throughout your cycle for a happy, connected and empowered life

When not to do a Yoni Steam

yoni-3It is important to note that you do not do a Yoni Steam if you have a marina, other form of contraceptive implant, prolapsed ring, internal swelling, while you have your menses, while you are pregnant, or after possible conception if you are trying to conceive a baby. This sacred practice is not to be used to clean your vagina as your vagina is inherently self cleaning

How often should you do a Yoni Steam?

Yoni Steams can be done as often as you feel you need to. They are a safe and effective way to treat women’s health issues and a powerful way to reconnect with your femininity, to love and nurture your womb

It is recommended for maintenance to do a steam once a month, a few days prior to menses. If there are issues you are treating it may be worthwhile to do a steam once a week until you return to a regular cycle. Always trust your inner wisdom with how often your body needs this profound tradition and always use the herbs you feel most drawn to

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