Beautiful praise from some of our dear clients  

daniel ash

“I sought Ivan’s guidance for a few services which were Life Coaching, Curse Removal and Detoxification. At the time I was at a loss for direction in my life. After a messy breakup and my health slowly starting to deteriorate I was spiraling into depression and sick of the doctors not having any real answers or advice and sick of speaking to psychologist that only had advice out of a textbook. Some of the boys at work had said they knew Ivan and told me to go see him because he could help. They weren’t wrong. Ivan has helped me to regain my passion and purpose in life once again and to understand why everything had happened the way it did in a much bigger picture. Since booking in with Ivan I haven’t felt this good in years! I have a new lease on life and my health is the best it has ever been. I don’t have the crippling anxiety or depression and I look forward to meeting the day instead of wanting to hide so I would hands down recommend Ivan’s services to anyone looking for real answers with real results. He is someone you can instantly trust and feel at ease with, he is a good lad and really cares about you”

Zach Hofmann
Birmingham, United Kingdom

“I was 21 when I went to my doctor about painful periods, pain when ovulating and very heavy bleeding. It had gotten to the point where I would miss work due to my period and it caused me a great deal of fear and pain. This doctor told me I would have great difficulty conceiving children, prescribed me the pill to ‘help’ the pain and regulate the bleeding. I went for ultrasounds and was advised I probably had endometriosis and they could investigate further but the thought of surgery scared me too much. I figured since my mother and sister always had heavy painful periods it was genetic and I’d just be the same as them. The pill didn’t work at all, I bled worse for weeks on end, I suffered terribly with bloat and weight gain. My period would come every 6-7 weeks for 10 days. With the encouragement from Kayla, I have done a lot of things to help my periods and the results speak for themselves.
My bleeding has reduced dramatically, no more clotting!
I have two naturally conceived children
Kayla guided me (via phone messages) during the birth of my second child, and I delivered with just gas in 3 hours I was highly anxious about this birth and she calmed me down and got me through it.
She introduced me to a plant based diet and I believe this is at least 70% of the reason why my periods have improved so much.
And finally, she introduced me to yoni steams. This is the most relaxing and healing thing I could possibly do for my lady flower 🌺
Obviously I’ve done the work, but Kayla has been a guiding light to my success in healing my problems. Thankyou!”

Kylie Keen
Veterinary Nurse, Wagga Wagga NSW, Australia

“I will always be so grateful for my prayers being answered by finding Ivan & Kayla. Finally someone who actually had real answers that was able to help me get real results with my health! They are both so genuine and have pure intentions, giving of their time and I felt at ease to open up to them. I have just recently given birth to my healthy baby boy after years of trying to conceive and given the ring around and no one seemed to have an answer until a friend had referred me onto the work of Ivan and Kayla after she had seen results too. I truly don’t think he would be here if I didn’t meet these two because I really had tried everything. I saw Ivan for a detoxification package and Kayla for a womens empowerment package. Thank you both! You are truly a God sent into my life!”

Amanda Flinders
Québec, QC, Canada

“I met Kayla and Ivan last year, and saw them many times for many different reasons. Kayla ran amazing women’s circles, provided great information on things that were new to me, such as Yoni Steams, and ancient teachings. One day I saw her for a reading and was always willing to go above and beyond sharing and teaching information. I learnt so so much from both her and Ivan, not only about myself but about the direction of my life and the world itself. I am truly grateful that I got to meet such a vibrant, connected, spiritual and like minded couple. They really helped me shape my future and help me along my path that I am on. I am also grateful for the experience of a Yoni Steam. I was experiencing some “Lady Issues” after having my third child, and when Kayla introduced me to the steams, I tried it out and was amazed at how different I felt! Apart from the awkward looks from my husband, it was a great experience and one I would definitely recommend! Thankyou for being so kind, giving, genuine, for believing in me and for making me believe in myself. I wouldn’t be where I am in life and in my business if it wasn’t for you both  xxx”

Kelly Santic
CEO of Mummapath Melbourne, VIC Australia

“I have had 2 readings with Kayla, an in depth tarot reading and a one question reading. What she has said in the tarot reading left me in tears, to have someone lay your life on the table like that was unreal, she knew things about me that no one else knew and things I had chosen to ignore, I was impressed!
The one question reading confirmed what I had been feeling and longing for, I am excited for my future!
Kayla has opened my eyes to a lot of things and has made me question what is really happening in the world around me.
I have recommended her to family and work colleagues who have all had readings and they have all been amazed at her accuracy and the way she describes everything is amazing!”

Krystal Gleeson
Dubbo NSW, Australia

“Kayla and Ivan are such wonderful souls and it was such a pleasure to have been their client. They are both so wonderfully intuitive, and have a deep spiritual knowledge and connection which by far exceeds most people I have ever met. They helped me through a few of my own issues, and helped me find a deeper connection with myself and my spirituality. I highly recommend their workshops if you would like to explore a few different questions about anything from attracting your desires to the meaning of life! Kayla’s past life regression was also amazing! I didn’t believe that it would even work for me, but I had wonderful results that far exceeded my expectation, and I attribute this to Kayla helping me feel so comfortable and relaxed. I also recommend to women the Yoni Steam and the women’s circle. The Yoni Steam helps females to embrace their power and femininity, and the women’s circle helps much the same, but you have a group of women there to support you & discussing the subjects that for many of us women can feel quite uncomfortable or taboo even. If you would like to reclaim your power and gain a higher spiritual connection with yourself, those around you, and have an overall more resourceful view of life, I recommend Kayla and Ivan! You will not be disappointed, you will be hooked! They are that good!”

Sarah Elsarky
Working Mindsets Sydney, NSW Australia

“Thanks so much guys for coming along to our Ladies Lunch and doing mini readings. We were all BLOWN away. I’d absolutely recommend BsyncLIFE to anyone looking for a little insight or guidance. Two lovely, caring, warm, professional people”

Mel Fabian
Breakfast show host at 104.1 Territory FM Darwin NT, Australia

“Kayla & Ivan are amazing, I recommend them to everyone I know- the most beautiful souls. Always are wanting to help others in need and succeed in everything they possibly can”

Rachael Watson
Singleton NSW, Australia

“I sent my hubby to see Ivan which was a big deal for him as he’s very guarded and anxious especially because I sent him to some random guys house to chat about his personal life haha! Anyway, he said Ivan was really down to earth and easy to talk to with helpful insight into his troubles. He felt comfortable and enjoyed the session. “He’s a top bloke” was the verdict. Kayla is also a wonderful soul who is changing lives for the better each and every day. She’s super easy to chat to, down to earth with a great sense of humour. If you’re wondering whether to try The Yoni Steams, do it. They are fantastic!! I don’t use anything else. They’re economical, earth friendly and easy to use.”

Vicky Napier
Creative Artist & CEO at Lotus Beads Darwin, NT Australia

“Kayla has an innate ability not only to read you and see into your life at the time, but also more importantly knows how to direct you more fluidly and efficiently into the life you want and know you deserve. I’m looking forward to working with her again!”

John Crawford
Chiropractor and Acupuncturist at Natural Health Chiropractic & Acupuncture New York, USA