ZeoOne Zeolite Micronised Powder MZM with Pineapple


Activated  Micronised Zeolite Mordinite (MZM) Powder with bio-available pineapple is safe for all ages and deemed beneficial for those seeking a reduction and elimination of mycotoxins and heavy metals from the body. The many scientifically proven health benefits make MZM a preferred option in the daily diet.

MZM is negatively charged and rich in alumino silicates which are renowned to support human health via: detoxification, enabling it to absorb heavy metals, provides immune function modulation, silica supplementation, enhancement of protein absorbtion and advanced antioxidant support, it also supports and assist in the absorption of proteins via the gastric system.

MZM is rich in Alumino silicates which are renowned to support human health via:

 Elimination of Body Toxins and Heavy Metals
 Mental Clarity
 Increased Immune function
 Increased Cardiovascular Function
 Increases Protein, Mineral & Vitamin Absorption
 Reduction of the symptoms associated with allergies
 pH Balance

Suggested use: Add 6g (2 scoops) to fresh water, juice, smoothies or as your health professional advises.
Size: 200 grams

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Zeolite is a potent, 100% natural mineral detoxification aid with a unique crystalline structure that can bind, trap and remove toxins from the body. It is a natural mineral complex with a high amount of silica, plus 71 other minerals and trace elements that may assist in restoring the body’s pH balance and energy levels, support the immune system, cleanse and detoxify the intestinal tract, and assist healthy bowel function.

Zeolites were formed hundreds of thousands to millions of years ago from volcanic activities. During the long formation of zeolites, the mineral forms into a microporous honeycomb structure giving zeolite its unique characteristics and properties.

The use of Zeolites for human health improvement has been well documented and it is recognized that the key to preparing Zeolites for human consumption is the micronization process. The micronization technology used in the development of our products has been at the forefront of the micronisation technology for the past 15 years and this technology ensures that the end product is able to deliver the benefits that it should.

The technology is now in its 4th generation and it is known as “DYNACOL” (a worldwide patented process). DYNACOL Micronisation is a revolutionary technology that significantly increases the efficacy of zeolites in human health. ZeoOne DYNACOL Pineapple is one of the products which are proving to be a strong contributor to improved health. It contains dried pineapple core (not a juice) and a natural aluminosilicate zeolite mineral micronised into an ultrafine powder using the DYNACOL Micronisation technology.

The purity of the raw zeolite combined with the worldwide patented “Dynamic Collision” Micronisation technology reduces the particle size of the zeolite significantly which increases the reactive surface area of the product and its effectiveness of interaction with enzymes.

The “Dynamic-Collision” Micronisation technology enables ZeoOne DYNACOL to act as catalysis within the body, modulating an advanced broad spectrum of immune responses.

Zeolites have been known for facilitating increased food digestibility and the proteolytic rate of trypsin increases significantly in the presence of zeolite.

ZeoOne DYNACOL Pineapple assists the immune system through stimulating the body’s own natural healing mechanisms; excrete toxins from the body and acts as a strong scavenger of oxidants that wreak havoc in the body.

ZeoOne DYNACOL Pineapple is an effective source of highly bioavailable silicon in the form of ortho-silicic acid. Silicon is connected with a whole host of benefits such as

  • bone mineralization
  • collagen synthesis
  • skin, hair and nail condition
  • improved immunity

Due to the smaller particle size and large overall surface area of ZeoOne DYNACOL Pineapple, the interaction with enzymes in the intestines is more pronounced.

The bioavailability of the pineapple extract is generated by the specific enzyme in the pineapple which is known to break down proteins and make them much more digestible and nutrient available. Pineapple derived Bromelain can be absorbed into the blood stream from the stomach. Pineapple is an excellent source of vitamin C, manganese, copper and Vitamin B1, vitamin B6, dietary fiber, folate, and pantothenic acid.

ZeoOne DYNACOL Pineapple containing Pineapple enzyme and natural aluminosilicate zeolite mineral is precision Micronised, Processed and Packed in New Zealand in accordance with New Zealand GMP requirements.

Scientific Research

Zeolites have been used for many years in animal feed supplements, water treatment, radioactive waste treatment, pollution control, pet litter and odor control, agriculture, slow-release fertilization, zeoponics, soil amendment, miscellaneous agricultural applications, horticulture, aquaculture, thermal storage and solar refrigeration, natural gas purification, and removal of volatile organic compounds.

Zeolites are incredibly well suited for heavy metal detoxification and are considered 100 percent safe and non-toxic by the FDA. Zeolite has an “open” structure that can accommodate a wide variety of positive ions, like Na+, K+, Ca2+, Mg2+ and others. Basically, the molecular structure of zeolite resembles a honeycomb, with many negatively-charged chambers.

Since heavy metals and other pollutants, including radioactive ions, have a positive charge, the zeolite will attract those positively-charged toxic molecules like a magnet. The toxins are “caged” within the zeolite structure, and then safely excreted from the body. In Chapter 24 of the Handbook of Zeolite Science and Technology, entitled “Medical Applications of Zeolites,” it states:

Many researchers have demonstrated the ability of several natural zeolites to take up certain radionuclides (e.g., 90Sr, 137Cs, 60Co, 45Ca, and 51Cr). Zeolite mordenite has effectively decontaminated soils contaminated with 137Cs and90Sr. Clinoptilolite shows a significant protective effect reducing radiocesium-137 accumulation in male broiler chickens exposed to alimentary contamination.  Clinoptilolite supplementation in food eliminated 137Cs deposition in some organs and tissues… elimination increased and the radionuclide deposition in liver, kidneys, and femoral musculature decreased. The clinoptilolite decontamination effects were observed with preventive administration, as well as with sorbent administration, from 24 hours after a single contamination of brown rats.

Dr. Gordon believes that zeolite is the ultimate filter in our toxic world and clearly should be a part of everyone’s daily health and detox regimen as should clay and other similar substances.

Doctors Alexey V. Yablokov, Vassily B. Nesterenko, and Alexey V. Nesterenko agree with Dr. Gordon saying, “Natural zeolite (i.e., that found in volcanogenic sedimentary rocks) is a mineral possessing attractive properties that contribute directly to their use in the extraction of Cs and Sr from nuclear wastes and the mitigation of radioactive fallout. It is also as a dietary supplement for heavy metal detoxification, it has anti-bacterial properties, and it stimulates the immune system. It was used successfully during Chernobyl.”

And wow, even though they were arresting people at the start of this nuclear disaster, now lo and behold we find out that the Japanese themselves have studied zeolite and have made formulas with it to remove radioactive substances such as iodine, caesium and strontium, according to Tomihisa Ota, a professor at Kanazawa University.

Ota said his experiments proved the powder can remove almost 100 percent of caesium when 1.5 grams of the powder are mingled with 100 milliliters of water in which caesium has been dissolved at a density of 1-10 parts per million. The tests also confirmed that the powder can remove iodine and strontium. The substances used in the tests were not radioactive. But he said the powder can be used to dispose of radiation-contaminated water “because these substances have the same chemical properties, regardless of whether they are radioactive or not.”

Dr. Gordon, one of the most dependable doctors in the area of detoxification and chelation, has a program called F.I.G.H.T. Through his decades of work with doctors around the world he has developed a number of strategies for supporting the body’s natural ability to detoxify, which include the use of zeolite.

Additional Information

We have researched and trialed zeolites from every corner of the Earth to find the cleanest and best quality Zeolite, and our clinical tests have shown there is a huge difference between the quality of different zeolites. Natural Zeolites also contain their own unique properties and electrical signatures that can’t be duplicated in a lab which is why they are a superior choice over synthetic, lab grown zeolite.

The oldest known zeolite deposits in the world are sourced from New Zealand with a geological age of around 320 million years. Our New Zealand Zeolite is sourced from pristine and pure deposits with exceptional characteristics.

Zeolite powder is known for its myriad of health benefits and can remove toxic wastes from your system. The healing properties of zeolite powder can help to efficiently remove pollutants, traces of heavy metals like mercury, cadmium and organic compounds from the body. Activated Zeolite is not absorbed into the bloodstream, but does its work electrostatically from the intestinal wall before being expelled in the usual way from your digestive system, so it is a very safe supplement to take. It is important to understand this distinction because your body naturally detoxifies heavy metals through your bowels, so it makes sense that’s where the zeolite needs to be to collect the toxins for elimination before they are re-absorbed.

Zeolite is perfectly safe for use and also helps to balance the pH level of the body.

At BsyncLIFE we offer a complete range of natural products with incredible benefits. It is our endeavor to make available pure products for enhanced health and wellbeing. If you are looking for zeolite in Australia, browse through our range of some of the most unique and efficient zeolite powdered supplements. We use a patented and exclusive micronisation process to bring you the most effective zeolite powder in the world. At BsyncLIFE we offer superior quality and extremely fine zeolite powder with powerful detoxifying properties. Whether you require zeolite for yourself, your pet or your garden, we have products sourced from experts to suit your needs.


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