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1 steam – approx 28 grams

Prayer and Intent

I open myself to give and receive divine pleasure as a beautiful, sexy and powerful Goddess 


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Yoni Steam Sensual


All herbs in our Yoni Steam Sensual are sourced from Certified Organic farms

  • Organic Rose Petals

  • Organic Red Raspberry Leaf

  • Organic Basil

  • Organic Chaste Tree Berries

  • Organic Calendula Flowers

  • Organic Lavender Flowers

The herbs in this sensual blend have been traditionally used to awaken the pleasure senses and promote feelings of sexual bliss. Sex is often tainted with pain and shame due to past trauma and societal pressures. These herbs will assist in reclaiming your sexual power to bring your sexy back! By softening into sexual pleasure and opening to love’s fullest enjoyment you can express your deepest gifts through your whole body and own your hearts desires. All herbal blends have been blessed and infused with prayer, ready for use

Every order is beautifully presented including detailed instructions inside each pack so you will feel confident while performing this ancient practice

*Statements have not been evaluated by the FDA or TGA. No medical claims made. Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight