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Empowerment Package


Empower the Goddess within!

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Women’s Empowerment Package with Kayla

Imagine the feeling of having total connection to who you REALLY are and the joy of moving with the ebb and flow of life, connected to the Heavens and the Earth while being simultaneously connected to your feminine core and embracing the Goddess within

Imagine a deeper sensual relationship with yourself and your partner as you open up to love as you walk the path to intimacy and ecstasy

Imagine the feeling of living pain free and actually honouring your cycle


Discover all of this and more as we journey together through what it really means to be a woman and activate your true potential to empower the Divine Goddess that is you. Discover immense joy and soul-level connection in your relationships. Pain enters our life to highlight aspects of ourselves that need the most love & understanding and this is your chance to transmute your pain into love. You deserve to live happy, healthy and pain free and I want to show you how! This package is completely personalised to suit your individual needs.

Embrace this opportunity to learn powerful techniques you can easily apply to transform your life and join millions of women globally in this feminine wellness revolution!


Our Women’s Empowerment Package includes:

  • A full Mind, Body and Soul assessment to get to the core of your feminine needs

  • 2 Hours one-on-one time with Kayla

  • Guidance and counselling session to meet your emotional, mental, spiritual and physical needs

  • A personalised and detailed plan for you to keep and implement

  • Learn the Self Care Breast Massage and why it’s so important

  • Learn the non-invasive Ancient Abdominal Self Care Massage

  • Learn the Self Care Yoni Massage & Mapping Technique

  • Learn the ancient wisdom of the Yoni Steam

  • 2 x Yoni Steams will be gifted to you

  • Get access to our closed group forum for ongoing support

  • Learn about your Moon Flow and how to love and embrace your true potential with each cycle

  • Learn how bleeding with each phases of the moon influence your life 

  • Learn how to live in harmony with the monthly phases

  • Learn how to use your Moon Flow in sacred ritual to manifest your desires and to release emotional energy

  • Learn how to connect and expand your intuition and tap into deep prophecy  

  • Learn how to implement the feminine mysteries at the creative, sexual and spiritual level of your entire being

  • Learn how to reconnect with your womb, your medicine bowl, and nurture your femininity

  • Learn about ancient tools and techniques from around the world to unlock intimacy, pleasure & love

  • Learn how to claim your entire cycle and tune into your own super powers

  • Learn how to use your sensuality as a powerful driving force in your life

  • Learn the difference between sex and making love by honouring your sexual power

  • Learn how to reach orgasm both internally and externally and the magick behind surrender 

  • Learn how to connect with your unborn child and invite him/her into your womb as our Ancestors did

  • Learn natural contraceptive methods that have been proven to work since the beginning of time

  • Together we will uncover and journey through emotional blocks, pain and past trauma including terminations, miscarriages and sexual encounters to heal these areas and release any shame, trauma or guilt you may be harbouring

  • Bring love back to your centre and the important of your medicine bowl

  • Discover natural, safe and effective herbal remedies to suit your needs that are as old as the land

  • Guidance with dietary and lifestyle changes to facilitate your body’s natural healing ability, balance hormones, promote health & wellbeing and increase your fertility, intuition and self awareness

    The feminine is more than just fertility, more than just her bleed and more than just a pair of high heels and a pretty dress. She has the power of the entire Universe within her and unfortunately we live in a society that does not understand this power nor teach it openly like our ancestors once did. Women’s health and fertility issues stem from a disconnection within yourself and as you already know being a woman in society can be very vulnerable at times. As women we are taught to hide parts of ourselves and compromise who we really are at the centre of our being as we push through daily life

    The recent rise of hormonal issues, fertility problems, painful sex, miscarriage, irregular menses, painful menses, PCOS, hysterectomies, Cesarean’s, IVF Treatments, endometriosis and other women’s issues is evidence of just how far away from ourselves we have become

    The time is now to discover your true power as a woman and own every part of yourself. Love yourself to great health in a comforting, warm and safe environment, let me show you how this is achieved just like I have done for thousands of Goddesses from around the world so you can live an authentic, pain free life moving with the ebb and flow within.

Together we’ll journey through your emotional needs, empowering you to move forward with clear direction. You’ll gain an understanding of the mind, body, soul and emotional elements of re-connecting with yourself so you can be your own doctor and maintain great health and vitality naturally


Discover the non-invasive Ancient Abdominal Massage:

  • Internal organs, and in particular your womb, are designed to move around your abdominal area but as they do they restrict blood flow, the lymphatic system and impede on nerves creating all sorts of issues

  • This self care therapy has been known to alleviate symptoms of gastritis, indigestion, constipation, heartburn, lack of appetite, relieve tightness in stomach, balance emotions, many other gastro intestinal issues, backaches and varicose veins

  • Especially for women this self care massage has been known to treat painful and irregular periods, dark thick fluid at the beginning or end of menses, blood clots, absent menses, headaches, dizziness, tired legs, numb feet, sore heels, lower back ache, infertility, endometriosis, polyps, painful intercourse, PMS, uterine infections, frequent urination, ovarian cysts, vaginitis, hormonal imbalances, difficult pregnancy and delivery, difficult menopause, cancer of the cervix uterus colon or bladder

Discover the profound benefits of the Yoni Massage mapping technique:

  • The Yoni self care mapping massage is designed to reconnect you with your centre , your pelvic bowl and show you how to relate your entire life to this part of yourself.  I want to empower you and teach you how to perform this massage on yourself in the comfort of your own space where you can feel safe and secure to open up and meet yourself deeply to build a relationship with yourself and your yoni

  • Learn how your body is speaking to you, how it wants you to thrive and it gives you all the answers you ever need

  • This self care massage has been known to strengthen your pelvic floor, release emotional trauma, connect you back to this area of yourself, improve your pleasure during intercourse, improve feeling by stimulating nerves and increasing blood flow to your pelvic bowl, to highlight areas of your life where you need support, to show you where the imbalances in your life are because they are reflected in the muscles of your pelvic bowl, to promote healing from emotional trauma

Discover the healing benefits of a Yoni Steam:

  • Yoni Steams, also known as vaginal steams, Chai Yok in Korean and Bajos in Spanish, are an ancient practise used to assist in the healing and cleansing process of the uterus and for the treatment of numerous female health issues including emotional and spiritual blocks. This beautiful ritual allows you to meet the Divine Goddess within, connecting mind, body & soul in a space of harmony where you can nurture your needs in the most loving way

  • The Yoni Steam is a sacred practice for you to go within and connect with your womb, your core, and bring love into this part of yourself. It is an opportunity to allow the healing wisdom of Gaia and her plant medicine to enter and nourish every part you. Yoni Steaming is about empowering yourself to love, heal and maintain your body, trusting the support of your ancestors who held this tradition before you. It is about reclaiming your femininity, cherishing your physical body while liberating the un-manifested creative potential that resides in your womb. From Love, Love will grow

  • Yoni Steams have been known to have a significant reduction of pain, bloating and fatigue associated with menses, some women have reported complete elimination of pain, bloating and fatigue with menses, assist with fertility issues, decrease menstrual flow, reduce dark purple or brown blood and clotting pre/post menses, release stored emotions associated with negative sexual experiences or trauma of any kind, release of anxiety, depression or hate towards your body and femininity, connecting to the energy centre within that is your creative potential, restore irregular or absent menses, detoxify of your womb and elimination of toxins from your body, increases the body’s natural healing ability and aid recovery after birth of a child, healing after a miscarriage, abortion or stillbirth, treatment of uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, uterine weakness, uterine prolapse, treatment of endometriosis, assists healing after a hysterectomy and other medical procedures, repairs vaginal tears and episiotomy, assists the healing of hemorrhoids, treatment of chronic vaginal/yeast infections, maintain a healthy odour, relief from symptoms of menopause which include dryness or pain during intercourse

  • For more on Yoni Steams click here

Together we’ll meet your individual needs and discover the Divine Goddess within you!

Our Women’s Empowerment Package is available via Phone or Video to anyone Worldwide. Contact Us if you would like to know more or Buy Now and Kayla will be in touch shortly to arrange the details of your consultation