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I know you’ve considered, or might already have a filter for your drinking water. But have you thought about what you’re being exposed to every day when you brush your teeth or take a bath?

Due to industrial and civil pollution the standard water quality is worrying. Mercury, chromium, chloroform, benzene, and other organic compounds are contained in such water. In addition, a lot of rust and other inorganic contaminants are also contained in such water supply which passes through a long, old pipelines. Long-term use of impure water will seriously affect a human’s health.

This is a very easy to install, faucet tap filter, which simply screws on the end of your faucet tap, and lasts between 3-6 months depending on usage.

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4 Stages of Filtration:

FIRST STEP – PVA adhesive bonded fabric may filter various impurities in the water pipe such as visible iron cakes and rust sediments.

SECOND STEP – The calcium sulfites may effectively eliminate the residual chlorine, which has the security and high temperature resistance, along with no bacteria, and the strong absorption force, which may purify the pathogenic bacteria in water that is in a deep and large area, so as to inhibit the growth and reproduction of bacterial and microorganisms, to have a strong absorption effect on the toxic and harmful metal ions and bacteria and viruses.

THIRD STEP – The appearance of the activated carbon with the natural coconut shell is black, and it is an amorphous particle. The activated carbon with the natural coconut shell may eliminate the residual chlorine, peculiar smell and variously toxic and harmful matters in the water, and it is provided with the bactericidal and bacteriostatic features and can reduce the alkaline materials in water, and make the water become weakly alkaline.

FOURTH STEP – The bidirectional and adhesive bonded fabric may completely filter the various impurities and make the water become more pure.


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