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Spiritual Development 

It is so liberating to understand the Infinite that is you

Have you ever noticed that with new knowledge comes endless possibilities?

Explore the fundamentals of the Universe and the nature of your very existence to maximize your true potential, develop your Spiritual connection, open your natural psychic gifts and intuition

Discover the many one-on-one Mind, Body and Soul topics we have to offer and empower yourself with new knowledge today!

Develop these topics and more!

  • Psychic abilities such as Clairvoyance – clear sight through your third eye; Clairsentience – clear feeling or empathic ability; Clairaudience – clear hearing of the spirit world; Claircognizance – clear knowing or instant knowledge; Clairalience – clear smell or psychic smells; Clairgustance – clear taste or psychic tasting

  • Learn how to navigate life as an Empath

  • Open and strengthen your Mediumship/chanelling ability while gaining a deep understanding of the field

  • Learn Basic Numerology; Basic Astrology; Psychometry; Telepathy

  • Learn about traditional Tarot Readings

  • Ancient Meditation Techniques

  • Connecting to your Spirit Guides

  • Energy Healing

  • The fundamental nature of our Universe, the Science behind what we call reality and the quantum world

  • How the human body really works, it’s processes, functions and innate healing ability

  • Ancient healing wisdom from throughout the ages and how to achieve good health the natural way

We will even teach you creative ways to continue your study at home so you may further blossom in your own time. This class is designed to explore one topic in depth or several topics in a broad sense to give you a general understanding of your chosen subjects. If there are any other topics you would like to learn please get in touch with us to find out how we can help

Spiritual Development will:

  • Open your natural born intuitive gifts

  • Awaken your inner wisdom and unlock your true potential

  • Offer a deeper understanding of who you really are

  • Empower you with understanding the Laws of the Universe so you can flow with life

  • Give you the knowledge to take your life into your own hands

  • And much, much more!!

Spiritual Development coaching is available via Phone and Skype to anyone Worldwide, you are more than welcome to record your session. Laughter and love guaranteed!

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