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Blessed Rose Quartz Yoni Egg

What is included with your purchase of our Blessed Rose Quartz Yoni Egg

  • One Genuine Cleansed and Blessed Rose Quartz Crystal Yoni Egg (Medium size 43mm X 30mm)

  • One royal purple satin bag to protect your Blessed Yoni Egg

  • Full set of instructions so you can start your practise straight away 

  • Exclusive access to our closed Facebook group for ongoing love and support

  • Shipping available worldwide 

Traditional benefits of using our Blessed Rose Quartz Yoni Egg

  • Enhances sexual vitality for epic sex

  • Supercharge energy and awaken spiritually

  • Reprogram cellular memory in our Yoni

  • Gives access to spiritual insight and downloads

  • Encourages self forgiveness and acceptance

  • Feminine energy of nourishment and comfort

  • Brings awareness to the Yoni to re-sensitise from numbness

  • Dissolves emotional wounds, fears and resentments

  • Skyrockets your ability to receive sexual pleasure

  • Strengthens your pelvic floor

  • Envokes self love and self respect

What is a Yoni Egg

Yoni Eggs are an egg shaped crystal that are made out of genuine stone. The minerals vibrate energetically to specific frequencies that we can utilise for healing and re-connection to our Yoni’s (Yoni is Sanskit word for Sacred Space meaning our vagina/Cervix/Womb space)

The Yoni Eggs I have sourced are Certified Rose Quartz crystals so we can safely use them in our Yoni’s to strengthen the kegals, working the muscles, bringing awareness and healing to the area. Many testimonials of using Yoni Eggs report women experiencing enhanced orgasms and support of their pelvic floor bringing awareness and circulation to the area.. It has also been known to bring better retention of urination (There are a lot of women right now who cannot control their pelvic muscles when needing to go to the toilet) Being Rose Quartz the metaphysical properties encourage self forgiveness and acceptance, dissolves emotional wounds, fears and resentments. 

There are a lot of women who are not intune with their bodies due to trauma and social conditioning and can only feel penetration when they have rough sex and for many women they do not open up during sex or even reach climax due for these reasons. All women have the ability to reach climax and squirt, so if you cant control your muscles it becomes very hard to regulate what is going on within your Vagina, your cervix, and your entire womb space. It is important to strengthen this area especially after having children, or you’re not going to have that enjoyable orgasmic experience when having sex otherwise. You want to be open with your partner to giving and receiving loves fullest devotion to pleasure, even to contract your muscles during sex is very important. 

It is very important that we explore our own bodies because no one can ever take us to new heights if we don’t connect with ourselves in the most intimate levels possible first

Doing kegal exercises is great on their own too but if you want to strengthen your Yoni and take the experience and muscles to new heights you need to step it up and incorporate the use of the Yoni Egg because it also gives you the spiritual and traditional metaphysical healing aspect from the minerals in the Rose Quartz.

Different crystals will weigh different amounts so some crystals can be more dense and weigh a lot more depending on the property of that mineral. I prefer the Rose Quartz as it’s wonderful for every woman to use. Rose quartz is the crystal for love and also a fantastic starting egg if you are new to the practise.

For some women when they use a Yoni Egg for the first time they might not have the muscle strength to hold the egg in so it pops right out, so by regularly using your Yoni egg you can build the strength in your pelvic bowl and bring awareness to this area. Some women can’t feel when they use the Yoni Egg for the first time (just like some women can’t really feel when they use a tampon either) There is no negative to working with the Yoni Egg, some women have orgasms when working with the Yoni Egg and when you become more intune with yourself you will be able to feel the egg and move it through your pelvic bowl.. 

I prefer the non-drilled Yoni Eggs that I provide here, this is due to the drilled eggs being harder to clean and can create a perfect environment for bacteria. 

The Yoni Egg cannot get lost because your cervix will not allow it to, if you are using this for healing it will come down when it’s ready, if you make a bowel movement it will come down, if you’re laughing excessively or coughing and cant control that muscle it will come down. It can’t get lost, you have to trust your body, be in tune with your body and everything will work out as it is meant to. If you need the healing properties of the Yoni Egg and Rose Quartz, it will come out when it is ready. Trust in the flow of your body and life. 

Sexual Experiences with the Yoni Egg

You can have sex with your Yoni Egg in, some women think their vagina is too tight for that to happen but when you are naturally aroused your Yoni naturally expands to accommodate your partner. Most women get very wet with using a Yoni Egg during sex, and most guys don’t hit your cervix during sex anyway so it doesn’t interfere with sex but more enhances it to be a very luscious experience, unless you have a very short cervix and I mean medically diagnosed short vagina (everyone’s is a little different) but men will not feel it. So you have your egg and your partner, and you have the stimulation from the egg and your partner, the stimulation of your G spot, the fact that you can squeeze and tighten around the egg and your partners shaft, so it’s very stimulated, then you have that crystal vibration and the Rose Quartz is absolutely beautiful for this because it’s the crystal of love, re-connection, devotion, romance and passion. 

We have to get comfortable with our bodies, you can’t allow someone else to explore you if you won’t explore you and this is where we lose our ability to have mind blowing orgasms. If you are dealing with any sexual trauma or any womb trauma please get in touch with me, we can heal this together through the Women’s Empowerment Package because you can’t keep holding your pain forever, you deserve way more than that my dear. If you continue to hold your pain, or avoid it, then more issues will manifest in this area as a way of your Yoni speaking to you that she needs healing and forcing you to bring your awareness to this most sacred part of yourself. In fact, if you’re here now reading this then you’re probably already experiencing issues and have heard the call of your Yoni and the benefits of crystal healing so take this opportunity to do something that will improve your entire life.

Many women are not comfortable talking to family, friends or even partners because we can feel shamed, feel like it’s our own fault or feel like we will be judged. As a community we don’t share that sacred space or sister hood where we can open up and heal anymore and self healing is extremely important which is why I want you to know I’m here for you and this Yoni Egg is the perfect place to begin your journey of healing and self discovery.