L’Equip Professional RPM Blender LB32HP

$799.00 $399.00

This is a professional blender that is designed to deliver supreme power and performance. The easy one-button control ensures user-friendly operation. This all-in-one blender can also be used as a juice extractor or a coffee grinder.

Simply The Best Blender you’ll ever use…

A blender fit to make a real smoothie. Variable speed does every recipe especially for raw foods and vegan options with 3.2HP and 30K RPM max. Stainless steel and blades and center Titanium blades are to prevents clogging and any inefficient blending, patented.

Freezes-Cooks-Liquifies-Blends-Chops-Purees-Mixer-Grates-So much more!

 30,000 RPM  3.2HP Heavy Duty Motor.
 7 cup Tritan BPA Free Pitcher.
 Patent Pending Titanium Crusher Blade.
 Easy One Button Variable Speed Control Knob.
 Double Ball Bearing Blade Assembly.
 Multi-Safety Locking Features.
 Center blade installation (patented titanium blades).
Smoothie Stick with Folding Handle.
 Air cooling system allows you run machine more than 25min.
 Safety sensor on the jar (work only if properly installed).
Even blending (8 different direction blades).
Detachable blade.
 Cord Storage.
 ETL Approved.
 7 Year Warranty.
 Attractive price & performance (homemade/commercial grade).

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Why does the RPM Blender have the best blending results?

Because it has it, and no other blender does!

What does it have?  Eight Blades, and they’re engineered to perform and they definitely do over achieve! Two Sharp blades point upward and two downward.
While four titanium blades spin flat in the middle.  This unique design allows for maximum vortex producing the finest pulp found in all blenders.  This blade placement enables the RPM Blender to Cut, Emulsify, Blend, Grind, and Stir Food much more efficient than any other blender out there.

It is not just the Blades but how they are placed and what they are made of.  The blades are placed at angles for maximum effectiveness thus allowing the blades to grab your large chunks of food and blending it up quickly.  In our tests we have found that other blenders have problems grabbing larger foods like an orange and pulling down into the vortex.  The Larger food in other blenders tend to skip and bounce on top of the blades for a while, eventually getting pulled down or it must be tamped down.  This is not the case with the RPM Blender!  When the blender is turned on, immediately the large chunks get pulled down into the blades.

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Technical Data

Certification: CE,TEL,PSE,CCC.

Product size: 205(W)x215(L)x475(H)

Gift box size: 575(W)x260(L)x340(H)

Product weight: 4.8kgs per unit.

Accessories: baby cup, blade opener, stir stick.


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