If you want to dissolve the barriers of self to know yourself on a deeper level then this meditation is made for you!

The mantra for this meditation is Laya, pronounced Lu-ya

It is an ancient Sanskrit word meaning dissolution, it is merging the breath, mind and heart into oneness to know every part of your self.

Use this meditation to:

Reconnect to your Soul
Feel inner peace and harmony
Feel and know the beauty that is inside of you
Understand the layers of self
Release attachments to ego
Release attachments to the body
Experience every part of yourself fully
Understand your true nature as a spiritual being ♥

This meditation uses the Solfeggio Frequency of 639Hz, known as the tone of FA and musical note F. This tone corresponds with your heart chakra and is used to balance all relationships in your life and connect spiritually to your environment. This frequency is profound in dealing with relationship issues with friends, family and partners. It also facilitates your cells to communicate with your environment. Use headphones to maximize results.