Kuvings Quiet, High Speed Vacuum Blender


The new concept of a blender, which has vacuum technology integrated into a high speed blender, prevents oxidation and provides you with fresh fibre and nutrition. Particularly for a high speed blender, it makes less noise so as to ease the inconvenience caused by noise from existing high speed blenders. Enjoy more vivid colours, fresher flavours and fibre with the magic of the soft vacuum technology of Kuvings!

 One-touch auto button
 Ultra high speed blender with RPM control
 Artificial intelligence auto-blending function
 Instant operation function
 Eco-friendly tritan container (BPA-Free)
 Safety lock structure
 Double Drain for motor protection
 Motor protection sensor
 Easily washed separable blade
 Air cooling system
 Vacuum tumbler (Additional components)


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Additional Information

1) One-touch auto button

You can make ingredients in your desired texture conveniently with the auto function.
*button (vacuum/auto/auto blending)

2) My own cooking (dial) through RPM control

With the dial controlling RPM from 1 step (2,000 rpm) to 20 steps (20,000 rpm) manually, you can do your own customized cooking by grinding ingredients into your desired particle size.

3) Artificial Intelligence auto blending function

With the `auto blending` function, it stops automatically when ingredients become the optimal condition. By sensing each ingredient’s loading capacity, it calculates the optimal RPM and blending time.

4) Instant operation function for better convenience

With instant operation mode applying strong power, ice and hard ingredients can be perfectly blended, enabling various recipes.

5) Eco-friendly tritan container (BPA Free)

BPA-free and eco-friendly tritan, transparent container allows you to see how ingredients are processed and experience various types of fun.

6) Safety lock structure

Safety sensor that operates only when the vacuum container perfectly sits in the main body makes the product safe; when the container and the main body are combined perfectly, the control part performs LED and buzzer.

7) Double drain design for protecting motor

In case juice is overflowing due to too many ingredients, safety is strengthened to prevent foreign substances from touching the motor; double drain helps smooth drain

8) Motor protection sensor

Preventing overheating of the motor, the motor protection sensor protects the strong high-speed motor safely. Moreover, in case of overload of ingredients, it blocks automatically in the circuit for safety.

9) Easily washed separable blade

It has a separable container and blades so that you can keep the container and blades clean after washing them separately.

10) Air cooling system

Heat generated from the motor and container circulates efficiently to prevent overheating even when used for a long time.

11) Vacuum tumbler that stores ingredients freshly and for a long time

Provided as an extra option, the vacuum tumbler stores blended juice or various ingredients and foods in a vacuum condition to keep them fresh for longer time. (*Additional components)


Technical Data

Model: SV-500
Color: Metal Silver
Type: High-Speed Quiet VACUUM BLENDER
Speed: 2,000~20,000RPM (Max 32,000RPM)
Wattage: 1500W
Dimensions: 216 x 240 x 443(mm)
Weight: 6kg
Capacity: 1.9L (Real capacity 1.5L)


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