Kuvings Food Processor Attachment

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Kuvings introduces its new Fruit and Vegetable Mincer, a food processor accessory to add to your Kuvings Silent Juicer 998SAS model. Now you can Cold Press a delicious smoothie, enjoy a tasty savoury dip or a beautiful sorbet. Something for the whole family, you can even make delicious baby food retaining all the nutritional value.

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Put away the unhealthy and fattening ice creams and make your own 100% fruit sorbet and frozen drinks that will satisfy your taste buds and nurture your health like no other desserts have done before.

This product is an attachment for the Kuvings Silent Juicer that adds diverse functionality to the juicer.

The Frozen Dessert Maker will make frozen desserts from variety of fruits and other ingredients. This attachment can also mince variety of ingredients, fresh or cooked, to create various dishes including homemade fruit or cooked vegetable purees for babies.

Must own a Kuvings Silent Juicer to use this product.

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