Kuvings CS600 Chef Professional Cold Press Juicer


The Kuvings Professional Whole Slow Juicer provides you with more juice with improved design. Enjoy the whole taste and all of the nutrition. The patented low-speed cold press extraction delivering juice that tastes noticeably different. The cold press juicer slowly presses and squeezes rather than grind and chew.

The CS600 is the KING of KINGS in the world of Juicers. Whether you want that professional feel in the luxury of your own home or need a powerhouse to meet your commercial needs, you can feel confident the CS600 will deliver.

The world’s First Commercial Whole Slow Juicer

 60 litres per hour – Watermelon
 40 litres per hour – Mixed Fruit and Vegetable
 300 apples per hour / no need to cut juice them whole
 Cold pressed type – newly designed bigger components
 Extra-wide 3.5 inch feeding chute + side feeding chute
 24 hour continuous juicing with stainless steel gear box
 Stainless steel chassis – extra strength components
 Heavy duty quiet motor – 200 watts efficient juicing


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88mm Flap Gate (Feeding basket) – Faster and easier juice extracting. The 88mm flip gate can take in entire ingredients, decreasing extracting time, saving the natural tastes of ingredients and minimizing nutrition loss. The flip gate ensures safe usage.

Extended use – Industrial grade motor enables longer use (When using for commercial purposes, regularly clean out pulp left in the container.)

40dB Noise-reduction design – Now with a low-speed rotating deceleration motor gets stronger, lower noise (40dB) and vibrations from the motor, which makes a well-situated use.


  • Fresh juice that allows your body to absorb about 4 times more nutrition than by eating whole fruits.
  • Wide Feeding Chute for Easy and Fresh Juicing
  • The Wide Mouth Juicer, takes in whole, uncut ingredients and leaves no juice behind to provide maximum nutrition for your body.
  • Easy clean system
  • Smart juice cap, External rotating easy brush
  • Easy Assembly
  • The red dot indications allow the users to easily assemble and disassemble the juicer.
  • Smart Cap

Comfortable, sophisticated smart cap enables easier juicing. Our convenient and practical smart cap enables you to wash with ease to prevent spilling and to make mixed juice.

Kuvings slow juicer’s patented technology

Kuvings slow juicer was developed with a unique patented technology called J.M.C.S(Juicer Module Comprising System) to extract nutrients for a nutritional juice. Minimized separation by juice homogenization.

World’s Strongest Brushless Motor

– Powerful 200W Motor
– Manufactured in-house to provide power and minimize friction and noise.
– The powerful, low-speed motor is able to process very fibrous fruits and vegetables.
– The unit stays cool, quiet, and stable thanks to the slow processing speed.

Crafted for Safety

A dual safety system with a 3-way ventilation channel made with high quality and durable materials to provide the tastiest juice with most nutrition. And Safety-lock system is equipped with a safety design which allows it to work only if the main and body and drum are connection precisely.

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Technical Data

Model: CS600
Color: Silver / Stainless Steel
Type: Vertical low-speed masticating
Speed: 50 RPM
Wattage: 200W
Dimensions: 260* 183 * 515mm
Weight: 9.1KG
Capacity: 500ml
Materials: Ultem, Tritan, ABS, PC


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