If you need to reconnect with your heart space and cultivate forgiveness, forbearance, patience OR want to feel unconditional love, then this meditation was made for you!

The mantra for this meditation is Ksama, pronounced K-sha-ma

It is an ancient Sanskrit word meaning forgiveness, forbearance and patience.

Use this meditation to:

Cultivate forgiveness for your self
Forgive others
 After arguments with friends or family
Understand the meaning of struggles in life
Learn to grow and expand your consciousness through adversity
Learn patience
Experience unconditional love from the Divine
Connect your true nature as a spiritual being with this physical plane ♥

This meditation uses the Solfeggio Frequency of 639Hz, known as the tone of FA and musical note F. This tone corresponds with your heart chakra and is used to balance relationships in your life and connect spiritually to your environment. Use headphones to maximize results.