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house clearing


Clear your space and enhance your wellbeing!


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House Clearing

You can easily feel the “vibe” of a room when you are out somewhere, especially when there is “tension in the air”

Science has proven our environment is designed by nature to conduct and store energy which is why negative emotions, stressful events or even spirits (energetic entities) can have a deep impact on the energy of your home

We have had profound results turning cold houses into bright, warm and happy homes which is why you’ll want to benefit from our experience and allow us to transmute the energy in your home to enhance your wellbeing

We use Ancient Techniques handed down to us by Monks and Shamans, including smudging rituals with white sage, using blessed water to cleanse the home, sound vibrations to shift energy and our Intuitive gifts to read energy and transmute it to love

This ceremony is only available in person

Clearing your home can help with:

  • Uplifting the energy in your home

  • Clearing negative energy from past events

  • Assisting Spirits to move on

  • Children who are bed-wetting or don’t like their bedroom

  • Insomnia associated with an unsettling environment

  • Relationships that are deteriorating due to negative energy stored within a home

  • Disruptive behavior that is out of character and most easily observed to begin after moving into a home

Discover the safety and security a house clearing can provide when we transmute negativity into love and revitalize the energy in your home! 

This offer is exclusive for residents located within the circle on the map below, BUT if you’re outside that area please get in touch and we can make special arrangements just for you!

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This ceremony is available in person only. Contact Us if you would like to know more or Buy Now and we will be in touch shortly to arrange the details of your consultation