Hairlux is formulated to help support healthy hair, strong nails, reduction of fine lines and wrinkles and is excellent for promoting great gut health.

Hairlux utilises an advanced proprietary technology in precision micronising to obtain a greater surface area of a unique  Zeolite.

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Hairlux is a unique combination of 100% Pure Collagen plus AZM and Vitamin C  that maximises absorption of collagen and detoxifies at the same time.

Beauty isn’t just skin-deep. It’s an outer radiance of overall health that starts from an inner vitality. By adding a potent blend of shelf-stable prebiotics to our standard beauty-rejuvenating collagen, our special probiotic formula goes even deeper.

Hairlux balances the good bacteria in your gut and aids collagen production for deep, glowing radiance that starts at your very core.

  • Smooth, glowy skin.
  • Healthier hair and stronger nails.
  • Being beautiful – now a gut feeling.

Just dissolve and drink!

Hairlux uses an advanced proprietary technology in precision micronizing to gain the increased surface area of the unique certified zeolite used with all particles rated below 10 microns for better alkalizing effect.


Hairlux is a formula of specifically selected organic and pharmaceutical grade herbs, spices, vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants.

Hairlux is a proprietary blend of:

  • Micronized Zeolite as a natural source of silica and negative ions
  • Blueberry
  • Glutathione (Antioxidant)
  • Calcium Citrate
  • Magnesium Carbonate
  • Collagen Peptides
  • Goji Berry
  • Oligo Fructose (Pre-biotic)
  • Inuline (Pre-biotic)
  • Fenugreek
  • Thiamine (energy)
  • Natural Fruit powder (Flavour)
  • Sweetener (isomalt)

Size: 500g

Additional Information

We have researched and trialed zeolites from every corner of the Earth to find the cleanest and best quality Zeolite, and our clinical tests have shown there is a huge difference between the quality of different zeolites. Natural Zeolites also contain their own unique properties and electrical signatures that can’t be duplicated in a lab which is why they are a superior choice over synthetic, lab grown zeolite.

The oldest known zeolite deposits in the world are sourced from New Zealand with a geological age of around 320 million years. Our New Zealand Zeolite is sourced from pristine and pure deposits with exceptional characteristics.

Zeolite powder is known for its myriad of health benefits and can remove toxic wastes from your system. The healing properties of zeolite powder can help to efficiently remove pollutants, traces of heavy metals like mercury, cadmium and organic compounds from the body. Activated Zeolite is not absorbed into the bloodstream, but does its work electrostatically from the intestinal wall before being expelled in the usual way from your digestive system, so it is a very safe supplement to take. It is important to understand this distinction because your body naturally detoxifies heavy metals through your bowels, so it makes sense that’s where the zeolite needs to be to collect the toxins for elimination before they are re-absorbed.

Zeolite is perfectly safe for use and also helps to balance the pH level of the body.

At BsyncLIFE we offer a complete range of natural products with incredible benefits. It is our endeavor to make available pure products for enhanced health and wellbeing. If you are looking for zeolite in Australia, browse through our range of some of the most unique and efficient zeolite powdered supplements. We use a patented and exclusive micronisation process to bring you the most effective zeolite powder in the world. At BsyncLIFE we offer superior quality and extremely fine zeolite powder with powerful detoxifying properties. Whether you require zeolite for yourself, your pet or your garden, we have products sourced from experts to suit your needs.


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