This book contains the exact technique we used to heal our emotional pain and recover from some of the most brutal experiences anyone could suffer. We learned it from Buddhist Monks. Yep, it’s pretty epic and has the power of a few thousand years of tradition behind it. The rest of the book holds nuggets of wisdom we learned along the way, from the Lakota Tribe in the US to a French scientist, and everything in between.

Deliverance will:

 Deliver you to inner peace by liberating you from your past
 Help you to release negative emotions you are carrying
 Teach you how to successfully navigate your emotions
 Identify emotional energy related to internal organs and your Meridian System
 Empower you with knowledge to transform your life
 Guide you to a deeper understanding of why you experienced certain situations and life events
 Show you how to accept your circumstances and why you need to
 Teach you how to forgive yourself and others, and teach you why this is the key to healing your pain
 Show you how to apply what you’ve learned to improve your life now!

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Are you struggling with your emotions? Maybe you’ve got past trauma you need to let go of…

How would it feel if you could easily put the baggage down and be free to live your best authentic life?

Imagine the impact this could have on your happiness and success!

When you hold on to negative emotions from your past you carry them into your present, allowing them to affect every decision you make. Fear, distrust, anxiety and depression can dominate your emotional state. How’s that working out for you? Well, you’re here reading this aren’t you and by being here now it means you’re ready for change.

Deliverance is a liberating step by step guide that will empower you to live your best authentic life, free of the past and ready to navigate your present from a clear and light space of emotional wellness.

People can quickly and easily let go of the past when they know how, and this book will give you the tools you need to do just. The road to your future is paved with the choices you make now so make the right decision and get this book, put down the baggage and start living your best life today!

From Deliverance:

“Past trauma affects us all. There is no escaping it. Pain and suffering is our biggest teacher though, it is what forces us to grow and move forward in life. It is part of our human experience for the maturation of your Soul. If everything was perfect, you would not want to leave that space, would you. You would cease to learn, cease to experience, your ascension would halt. But how you face tough times is the key to how the experience will unfold for you. Just because something appears to be negative doesn’t mean it has to be a negative experience. What we perceive to be negative experiences are like a catapult, the further into the darkness you are drawn the farther you will fly into the light.”

– Ivan & Kayla


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