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Experience freedom now!


Curse and Entity Clearing with Ivan

Had a run of bad luck? Feel like you’re being blocked? Could you be under psychic attack?

We live in an energetic world, energy is all around us and connects us to one another so it makes sense there could be more going on than meets the eye

Curses, Magick and Psychic Attacks are as old as time itself – a tradition found in every culture around the world and these practices are still wide spread today! Curses have been known to travel down family lines and affect many generations until the curse is lifted

Sometimes in life negative energy or entities can attach to your personal bio-field, leaving you feeling drained and just not you. Many people experience emotional outbursts or feelings of anger and hate that are completely out of character. Entities feed off lower vibrations and evoke the worst aspects of human nature to be expressed which is why energetic clearing is so important

Curse and Entity Clearing can:

  • Break curses that have been placed on you

  • Remove curses from your ancestry line

  • Release negative entities that have attached to you

  • Clear your bio-energy field of anything that is not you

  • Liberate you from unwanted spiritual or psychic attacks

  • Uplift your energy and improve your good fortune

Curses, Magick, Psychic Attacks and Negative Entities can have a deep impact on your health & wellness which is why you’ll want to take this opportunity to liberate yourself and experience true freedom!

I connect to you energetically and use various tools like copper pyramids, crystal grids, sage and palo santo ceremonies, sound vibrations and focused intent coupled with my natural born gifts to clear your energy and return you to a safe, stable and protected space

I work with Love and Light, the most powerful energy in the Universe and where the light shines no darkness can remain. I am highly skilled with curse and entity clearings, many people have experienced the benefits and we want to share that experience with you so get in touch and liberate yourself today

Curse and Entity Clearing is available via distance sessions to anyone Worldwide. Contact Us if you would like to know more or Buy Now and Ivan will be in touch shortly to arrange the details of your consultation