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Conscious Relationship & Singles Coaching

The biggest communication problem we face is that people don’t listen to understand, they listen to reply

So when was the last time you really listened?

Everyone wants to feel loved and communication is the key that unlocks the heart but we never really get taught how to communicate properly, do we

People expect their partner to know how to love them and meet their needs without ever having to express it openly which often leads to disappointment. And when you don’t feel loved, it’s always your partners fault isn’t it

But it doesn’t have to be this way!

Everyone can experience unconditional love when they know how, which is what you’re really looking for, and by the time our session is finished you will have the skills to express your needs openly and deepen your connection to create a lasting partnership that will stand the test of time

We will give you the skills you need to return to a loving and intimate communion

Together we will journey through your needs so you can gain a deep understanding of masculine and feminine energy and how they connect working this into the dynamics of your relationship. You’ll learn how to embody the feminine and masculine energy within you. We will examine the roles each of you play in the relationship and how you currently interact while offering our proven strategies to implement and move you beyond your current blocks. We will explore what each partner needs in a relationship incorporating astrology, numerology and emotional energy. You’ll also benefit from discovering the 6 basic human needs, how they apply to you and your relationship to transform your world!

Our Conscious Relationship Coaching will:

  • Include a 1 hour consultation

  • Ignite the fire and bring back the passion in your relationship

  • Create togetherness and generate unconditional love

  • Allow you to meet yourself and your partner on the deepest level

  • Resolve intimacy issues

  • Provide an understanding of your role as masculine or feminine

  • Identify and teach you how to satisfy your own needs

  • Identify and teach you how to meet your partners needs

  • Give you the skills to create a solid foundation built on love

  • Explore the 6 Core Human Needs Strategies for growth

Our Singles Coaching will:

  • Include a 1 hour consultation

  • Clear blockages that may be preventing you from attracting your ideal partner

  • Help you to let go of issues from the past

  • Release any body image or self worth issues

  • Ignite your inner flame again to manifest a positive relationship

  • Understanding how to love yourself and choosing to be alone

  • Dating tips and how to flirt with self respect

  • Let go of any intimacy issues that may be holding you back

  • Become more empowered to meet yourself on the deepest levels

  • Explore the 6 Core Human Needs Strategies for growth

This session can be tailored to suit couples in a relationship and singles, so as to understand your role as a masculine or feminine and how to attract the type partner you deserve. Together we can explore the energy you put out to the world, limiting beliefs and thought patterns that are holding you back as well as releasing repeating patterns in your life that no longer serve your highest purpose.

The level of love you hold for yourself sets the standard to how others will treat you, so creating the life you actually want always starts with you.

Ignite the fire and bring back the passion with this inspiring session to strengthen your bond and take your relationship to new heights!

Conscious Relationships & Singles Coaching is available via Phone or Video to anyone Worldwide. Contact Us if you would like to know more or Buy Now and we will be in touch shortly to arrange the details of your consultation