Blessed Black Obsidian Yoni Egg


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If you’re looking for a badass companion that’s strong enough to kick all the negativity to the curb then Black Obsidian has got your Yoni girl!

She has a no BS policy and doesn’t accept excuses. She’ll protect you from everything while she washes away the pain so you can rebuild the most epic, authentic version of you! Black Obsidian is for the empowered woman who needs a deep Soul cleansing transformation.

What’s Included:

 One Certified Genuine Black Obsidian Yoni Egg
 Cleansed & Blessed, ready for use
 Medium size 42mm X 30mm, undrilled
 One Royal Purple satin bag to store & protect your egg
 One Full set of instructions
 Exclusive access to our closed Facebook Group for ongoing support
 Shipping available worldwide

2 in stock

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Yoni is a Sanskit word meaning Sacred Space, reflective of your Vagina/Cervix/Womb. Ancient cultures throughout the world believed your Yoni was to be honored as it was the seat of your Divine feminine power, your creativity, fertility and portal between the seen and unseen worlds as life is born from this space. It’s time we honor the memory of our ancestors and bring this sacredness back to modern times.

Yoni Eggs are an egg shaped crystal made from genuine stone. The minerals vibrate energetically to specific frequencies that you can utilize to support healing and re-connection to your Yoni, the sacredness within you.

Your Yoni is sacred, so choosing the right egg is important and that’s why you’re here because we have sourced the very best in the world. It’s not marketing hype, it’s a promise we make to you.

You can feel confident using our Yoni Eggs in your Yoni because they’re made from authentic, certified Black Obsidian crystal. They’re hand carved & polished to ensure the highest quality is delivered to you. Every egg is unique, which means you’re getting one of a kind hand-made exclusively for you, guaranteed!

Why is that important to know? Many other companies compromise on quality and integrity to increase profits putting your health at risk. They use  imitation stones at a fraction of the cost but they don’t hold the same metaphysical properties as genuine crystal. They use cheap manufacturing processes which include chemical treatments and toxic dyes that don’t belong anywhere near your Yoni. These are things we will never do, that’s our promise to you because we respect the sacredness within you.

All of our Yoni Eggs undergo a 7 day cleansing and blessing ritual too, so there’s an added sprinkle of magic when you choose to shop with us.

You can easily use Yoni Eggs to strengthen your kegals and by working your muscles you bring support to your pelvic floor and increased circulation. By increasing blood flow and shifting your conscious awareness to your Yoni many women report enhanced orgasms and increased sexual pleasure. Regular use may relieve incontinence because a stronger pelvic bowl brings better retention of urination.


Black Obsidian metaphysical properties assist in releasing traumas and emotional stagnation as this stone is known to draw out negative energy from your Yoni and womb be it from any form of trauma to the area, miscarriages, birthing, rape, stillbirths, terminations, grief, heartbreak etc. It is the stone of your base chakra and honors truth because it can bring negative emotions and unpleasant memories to the surface to facilitate release of old emotional wounds.

Black Obsidian cleanses you of disharmony, negative attachments, old patterns and negative beliefs as this stone unearths and releases any negative thought patterns that are standing in the way of your personal and spiritual growth. Any time you need emotional or energetic protection especially during challenging situations you can feel confident to use your blessed Black Obsidian Yoni Egg because it has powerful protective metaphysical properties.

Traditional benefits of using our Blessed Black Obsidian Yoni Egg include:

 Enhances sexual vitality for epic sex
 Supercharge your energy and awaken spiritually
 Reprogram cellular memory in your Yoni
 Gives access to spiritual insight and downloads
 Assists in releasing trauma and emotional blockages
 Cut sexual cords from people of your past
 Offers psychic protection
 Stimulates the gift of prophecy
 Grounding into the present moment through balancing and clearing the Base Chakra
 Brings awareness to the Yoni to re-sensitize from numbness
 Dissolves emotional wounds, fears and resentments
 Skyrockets your ability to receive sexual pleasure
 Strengthens your pelvic floor
 Invites self love & self respect into your world

Additional Information

The blessed Black Obsidian Yoni Egg is a powerful detoxing, grounding, protecting, warrior woman base chakra activating stone that encourages strength and bravery. It does this by purging emotions which means some women may cry tears of release when using this egg. You’ll want to celebrate moments like this because it’s in these moments you’re releasing the negativity from your life.

If you’ve previously used the Rose Quartz Yoni Egg, have already done some inner work and emotional healing,  or absolutely feel Black Obsidian calling to your heart then this is the perfect choice for you.

Because our authentic Black Obsidian Yoni Eggs are manually carved and polished from 100% natural and genuine stone without using any chemical treatments or toxic dyes, any blemishes are natural inclusions of the black obsidian crystal which form the signature and unique tone of the eggs. Genuine stones have variations in color, shade, tone, pattern and texture. Some eggs may be cut from one large cluster of black obsidian rough stone, while other eggs are cut from a different clusters. The colour, shade, tone and texture of each piece is unique and is the ONLY one in the world. We can’t guarantee your egg will look exactly like the one pictured BUT we can absolutely guarantee your Black Obsidian Yoni Egg is literally one of a kind made exclusively for you.

A full set of instructions is included with each Blessed Yoni Egg so you can confidently start using yours straight away. Instructions cover topics such as preparing to use your egg, insertion, working with your egg, retrieval, safe cleansing and precautions.

Below is a basic diagram for general use.



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