Aquarius Typhoon Whole-Home Filtering System

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The Aquarius Typhoon Filtering System automatically gives you purer, healthier and limescale-free water throughout your entire home!

Water is cleaner and fresher.
Hot and cold drinks taste better.
Guilt-free showers and baths in clean water for everyone in your home.
Food tastes better because hardness and impurities in water can impact flavor when cooking.
Solve the problem of limescale build-up in your pipes, boiler, appliances and taps.
Water filtered using the Typhoon helps to wash away limescale that may have already built up too.
Avoid limescale “stains” on cutlery, glasses, saucepans, windows, mirrors etc…
Streak free cleaning will finally be a reality for your home!

It’s simple – if you’re looking for cleaner, fresher, better-tasting water for drinks, cooking, bathing and cleaning then this system is for you!

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Is the Typhoon Right for Your Home?

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I want cleaner water to drink, cook with and bathe in?
  • Do I want a water filtering system that works for me automatically?
  • Do I want my water filtered quickly, so I don’t have to wait around?
  • Do I want a system that filters all water that flows into my home, so I have wonderfully clean water for drinking, cooking, washing, and cleaning?
  • Do I want to solve all the problems associated with limescale build up in my home, once and for all?
  • Do I want a system supported with a long warranty?
  • Do I want a system where I only need to replace the filtering cartridge (on average) once a year?
  • Do I want a system that not only removes the vast majority of impurities, but also removes much (if not all) of the hardness from the water?
  • Do I want a system that has been independently tested, and shown to work incredibly effectively at removing soluble and insoluble impurities, even bacteria and viruses?
  • Do I want to buy a system from a business that has been developing and manufacturing water filtration systems for over 30 years?
  • Do I want to buy a system from a company with over 20 million customers around the world, and whose products filter hundreds of millions of litres of water every day?

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions then the Aquarius Typhoon is the perfect wellness solution for your home.

The Aquarius Typhoon is suitable for large dwellings, filtering up to 50 litres a minute.

Please read on for full details about how the Typhoon filtering system can dramatically improve the quality of water throughout your home:

  • High-capacity filtering system that attaches to the mainline and automatically cleans all water that flows into your home.
  • Dramatically reduces (and in some cases entirely removes) impurities and hardness, including suspended particles, chlorine, heavy metals including lead, zinc and cadmium, pesticides and petroleum products, iron and aluminium, plus the taste and colour is improved.
  • The Aquarius Typhoon system ensures you get much healthier, better-tasting water, with the majority of hardness removed while keeping beneficial minerals in the water – some other filtering systems remove the good along with the bad, so you end up with tasteless water that has no beneficial minerals left in it.
  • This means you benefit from healthier water for hot and cold drinks, for cooking, bathing and cleaning.
  • Plus, you benefit by solving the problem of limescale build-up once and for all.  This means no more limescale on taps, in the kettle, in your washing machine, in pipes, in your boiler – plus – it makes “streak free” cleaning of your home so much easier.
  • When washing, cleaner and softer water is healthier for the skin and hair for every member of your household!
  • The Typhoon achieves this through the application of three types of filtering — Mechanical Cleaning to get rid of particles in the water, Ion-Exchange to remove the majority of impurities and hardness, and Soption Cleaning to improve colour, taste, odour, and remove further impurities.
  • This powerful filtering system does require a level of comfort with plumbing your home.  If that doesn’t describe you, we work with a nationwide network of trained installers who can install the system for you for a very reasonable fee.
  • Made from a high-quality, chrome-plated stainless steel container which holds the filtration cartridge.  We feel so confident about the quality of this product we support it with a three year warranty.
  • Available in two sizes – Standard and XL.  Each version supports a faster flow of water, so the right solution for you depends on the size of your home, how many people are in it, and how much water you tend to use.
  • Supports cleaning water up to a maximum of 50 litres a minute and of course can handle both cold and hot water.
  • Our filtering cartridges have a surprisingly long life.  This again depends on the model you choose, up to a maximum of 50,000 litres before it requires replacing.  On average this means one cartridge will last your household a year.
  • And importantly, it will be crystal clear when the cartridge needs replacing since water will no longer flow through at speed.  This is unlike many competitor systems that continue to feed water through even when they’re no longer cleaning the water.  So unlike such products, no guesswork is needed for choosing the right time to replace the filtering cartridge!

Our range of filtration jugs are a great introduction to our water purifying systems, but they do need to be manually filled every time they go empty which could be several times a day. Our Aquarius single tap unit is also a fantastic product, but it’s limited to just one tap in your home. The advantage of our Aquarius Typhoon System is that once installed in your home it’s out of sight but works for you around the clock automatically, dramatically reducing impurities and hardness from all water that comes into your home.  You get clean, fresh, healthy water flowing around all the pipes and out of all the taps in your home.

Our Typhoon system works quickly while lasting a very long time. We offer two models depending on your needs. The right option for you depends on the size of your home, how many people live in it, and how much water you tend to use as a house:

  • Standard – Filters up to 25 litres a minute, and typically filters up to 25,000 litres before the cartridge needs replacing.
  • XL – Filters up to 50 litres a minute, and typically filters up to 50,000 litres before the cartridge needs replacing.

One key feature and massive advantage is that the Aquarius Typhoon cartridge stops the majority of water flow once it’s no longer working effectively, unlike many other water filtering systems that continue to allow water to pass through once they’ve stopped working. This means you’ll know EXACTLY when to change the cartridge, a process that takes just a few minutes.

You can attempt to install the Typhoon yourself if you’re very comfortable with plumbing tasks.  However, we’ve teamed up with an established nationwide plumbing services network with a fantastic reputation to make things super easy, and for a very reasonable cost they’ll install the Aquarius Typhoon for you and make sure it’s all working as it should be.

How It Works

The Typhoon system has two main goals:

  • Make all the water in your home purer and healthier.
  • Solve the problems that occur due to limescale build up.

The Typhoon will make day-to-day life in your home even better, so let’s talk about how it actually works.

The water filtering process uses three technologies to remove impurities and hardness from your water:


What this means is suspended particles like rust are removed from the water.  Depending how clean, or not… how old, or new… the pipes coming into (and around) your home are, impacts what ends up in your water.

Perhaps on the journey into your home, the water travels down a rusty pipe.  Could some of that rust make its way into your water?

Now, however high quality the water infrastructure is in your area, it’s difficult to know exactly what sort of plumbing the water is travelling through.

However, let’s be clear – we’re certainly not trying to scare you!  We don’t believe in scaremongering.  But it is a fact of life that some pipes get old, and so impurities sometimes sneak into water.

So that’s why we’re proud to offer the Typhoon.  In fact, we believe it should be part of every single home, since we feel strongly that truly clean and healthy water is everyone’s right.

The Typhoon system will work for you automatically, helping to keep the water all around your home healthy and fresh, and will solve a lot of the problems you may be experiencing because of limescale (you’ll never have to use a Calgon tablet again!).

So this mechanical cleaning part of the process removes such solid impurities as rust, even down to five microns (more accurately referred to as micrometers).  5 μm if we’re going to get technical!

And if you consider a typical hair is 50 microns, this part of the filtering process removes solid impurities from the water many times smaller than the width of a human hair.  And that’s just step one!…


Now, “ion exchange” is certainly a rather technical term.  And we’re fairly confident the vast majority of our customers (and future customers) that visit this site aren’t scientists.  So rather than bamboozle you with scientific-sounding words that serve no purpose but to make us sound clever, let’s keep it straightforward…

This part of the process uses our powerful “Aragon 3” filtering material.  How exactly does that benefit you?  Well…

This material is specially formulated and works to allow water to pass through it, but “traps and holds” the vast majority of impurities.

Maybe think of it as an incredibly complicated maze.  The water just passes right through, but the chlorine, the iron, the heavy metals, bacteria and viruses… they all reach dead ends, and get stuck in the maze for good.  So clean, healthy water gets past this step, and what isn’t clean and healthy water, doesn’t!

Plus, through extensive testing we discovered this part of the filtering process also removed the vast majority of hardness from the water.  In fact, what this approach does is turn “bad calcium” that creates limescale build up, into “good calcium” called Aragonite (hence the Aragon 3 name).

Aragonite is easily absorbed into the body, and doesn’t create limescale build up in pipes and appliances.  So you get the benefits of calcium in your water, without the many (and often expensive) drawbacks of hard water.


Yes, we know this is another phrase that isn’t particularly helpful or easy to understand.  But in a nutshell – this part of the filtering process uses a combination of activated charcoal along with silver to further remove impurities and hardness from the water.

And it’s certainly true that many water filters offered by our competitors use activated charcoal too.  There’s a reason for that – it works!  In fact, charcoal has been used for filtering impurities for many centuries.

Of course, this part of the filtering process is just one of three.  Taken altogether, these three steps dramatically improve the quality of your water.  And our patented, exclusive, powerful filtering material Aragon 3 (step two of this process – detailed above) is unique to our filters, and we believe cleans your water more effectively than the majority (if not all) competitor solutions on the market – while – also filtering quickly.

The creators of this device have been developing water filtration technologies since 1986, and since now have millions of happy customers worldwide. Cleaning water quickly and effectively is something they’re very good at – even – if we say so ourselves!

What's Removed And What Stays?

Perhaps you’re wondering exactly what our three-step approach removes from the water coming into your home?  Well…

Here’s an easy reference – although – this certainly doesn’t list absolutely everything that’s removed:

Particles measuring ˃ 0.1 μm 100 %
Heavy and radioactive metals
(lead, cadmium, copper, strontium-90, cesium)
Up to 95%
Chlorine Up to 100%
Pesticides Up to 92%
Iron Up to 95%
Aluminum Up to 97%
Petroleum products Up to 90%
Bacteria and viruses Up to 100%

And remember:

  • Much, if not all of the hardness is removed from your water.
  • Plus, unlike some filtering systems that remove too much (the good along with the bad), we ensure beneficial minerals are part of your water.  This gives your water a better taste, and helps keep it healthy.

Water Filtering Effectiveness Over Time.

Some water filtering solutions lose effectiveness rather quickly.  By comparison, we pride ourselves on filtering cartridges that last a long time – and – filter at close to full effectiveness throughout their life.

Typically, here’s how effectively the Typhoon removes impurities as you continue to use it:

Contaminant Start of Cartridge Life Middle of Cartridge Life End of Cartridge Life
Insoluble particles – rust, sand, silt particles coarser than 1 μm 100% 100% 100%
Iron 99% 99% 97%
Heavy and radioactive metals 100% 100% 98%
Available chlorine 100% 100% 99%
Organic compounds, carcinogens, pesticides 99% 99% 97%
Hepatitis A virus and Escherichia coli 100% 100% 100%


Allow us to get a little technical, just so you have all the facts:

Supported water temperature: 4°С up to 95°С
Typical Filtering speed: Standard: Up to 25 litres a minute
XL: Up to 50 litres a minute
Typical Cartridge Lifespan: Standard: Up to 25,000 litres
XL: Up to 50,000 litres
Case: Made from food-grade stainless steel 304L
Warranty: 3 years
Connection: Connected to mainline.
Filter Composition:
  • Polypropylene pre-filter (filters up to 5 μm)
  • Aragon 3 material (filters up to 0.1μm)
  • Carbon block with silver (filters up to 10 μm)
Further Notes:
  • Works best with continuous use.  Filter cartridge may need replacing if unused for a long period.
  • Has pressure relief valve and drainage for accumulated sludge and sediment.
  • Will likely require professional installation.  We work in partnership with a nationwide network of plumbing specialists trained in our products, who will install this system for you affordably and reliably.

Independently Tested

Perhaps you’re asking yourself:

  • Will this filter really clean my water?
  • Is it better than what the competitors offer?
  • Is this product actually any good?

Well, we certainly understand your concerns and we don’t want you to just take our word without any proof…

Millions of Customers Worldwide

Our filtering technology is used by over 20 million customers worldwide, with most of these customers in Asia and Europe, although it’s now being distributed across the English-speaking world…

We estimate that well over 100 million litres of water every single day is filtered using Typhoon products.

Plus, the technologies developed have been independently confirmed by more than 20 patents and have been recognized by leading scientific organisations including:

NSF International

Our product match’s or exceeds the requirements set down by NSF, the public health and safety organisation.

The Wellthy Corporation (part of Mitsubishi Chemical)

Since this product is sold in Japan, the technology has been tested to verify it match’s Japan’s strict water purification requirements.

Institut Pasteur

In 2014 the French-based Institut Pasteur, a non-profit foundation founded in 1888 by the famous chemist Louis Pasteur, independently confirmed Geyser filters removed the following to 99.9999%: poliovirus, rotavirus, legionella and salmonella.

Further Tests & Verification

  • Ferrara Research University (Italy) – Department of Microbiology
  • Ahlstrom Filtration Company (US) – R&D Institute of Flu
  • RAMS Research Institute on Human Ecology and Environmental Hygiene








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