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Love natural alkaline water and need a portable, travel friendly version? Something to keep at the office, the gym or toss in the suitcase to use at the hotel. How about kids going to college, or friends and family you’d like to give a gift of health too? Just like the bigger ionizers, you’ll enjoy high pH, negative ORP and super hydrating properties. Now available anywhere you want it. Order it today.

 Creates silky-smooth and sweet tasting water.
 Addresses chlorine and other contaminants and permanently absorbs metals such as lead and copper so that your water will be more refreshing and clear.
 pH 8.5 – 10.0 which helps to support systemic pH balance in the body.  Your body will function optimally.
 Provides low negative ORP:  -1–mv to -200mv transforming regular water into antioxidant water.  This reduces the oxidation of your body and has great anti-aging qualities.
 Reduces water molecule size which creates highly absorbable water.
 Contains alkalizing minerals to make water more energizing.
 Strong modern design.

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The Alkaline Water Filter Jug 3.5Lt is BPA FREE and turns ordinary water into alkaline and ionized water. Many common wellness issues which are created by an acid/alkaline imbalance can be helped by regular consumption of alkaline and ionized water.

Three colours to choose from (White, Orange and Blue.) A digital indicator on the top of the lid reminds you to replace the cartridge in time based on the number of people drinking from it. The contoured handle makes it comfortable to lift and pour. While everyone’s body is different and reacts to different things in different ways, on average one could expect to be greatly benefited by achieving a proper pH balance which the alkaline water pitcher can help do.


  • The water filtered by the AW Alkaline Pitcher is more refreshing, clearer and tastes great.
  • Easy and convenient.  Just pour the water into the pitcher and you get clean, ionized, alkaline water within minutes.
  • Save money!  Each filter can filter 300 litres of silky smooth water.
  • Stylish design.  Modern, streamlined look.


Approximately 2 months (based on  6 – 9 litres per day).  The AW Alkaline Pitcher comes with a digital indicator where you can set the number of people using the pitcher.  The digital indicator then calculates when it is time to replace the filter.

When the blinking warning symbol ‘X” appears on the cartridge image in the display it means that the filter cartridge should be replaced within one week.  As the week passes all symbols on the screen start blinking reminding you that the filter cartridge life has expired.  Replace the filter cartridge at this time.


Energic media ( Negative potential + Mineralization ball)

Calgon Activated Carbon ( USA imported ): Activated carbon adsorption the chlorine, odor, color, heavy metal, chemicals and pesticides.

Ion Exchang Resin ( USA imported ): Adjusts the Calcium and Magnesium content to soften water for better taste. The soft water is more smooth and delicious to drink.

Disclaimer: This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Information and statements made are for educational purposes and are not intended to replace the advice of your family doctor.

Additional information


White, Orange, Blue


Technical Data

The AW-901 Alkaline Water Pitcher is the Best Portable Water Ionizer Pitcher I have ever tested!

The Alkaline Pitcher lasts the longest, filters chlorine and heavy-metals out of the water and produces the best pH and ORP!
Raises pH and Ionizes the water
Produces Negative ORP as strong as -300, transforming regular water into antioxidant water.
A slow flow through active carbon filters the water nicely removing chlorine, organic impurities, odor and many other chemicals.
BPA free! Made with safe, AS & ABS food-grade plastics.
Reduces heavy metals: The filter permanently absorbs metals, such as lead, copper and aluminum, so your drinking water will be cleaner.
Improves taste of water.
Contains alkalizing minerals which will help you alkalize your body. There are four main ingredients: Active carbon, ion-exchange resin, ORP balls [magnetized ceramic balls], Magnesium balls.
The filter will last about 300 liters

How do portable water ionizer pitchers work?

Portable water ionizers use a technology developed over a 10-year period by Dr. Hayashi and others working in the water ionizer industry. The technology uses magnesium and magnetized ceramics in such a combination that excites the water to ionize spontaneously without electricity. There are several products that have sprung up using this technology, and I have tested just about all of them. Some don’t work at all [or very poorly], but some of these portable water ionizers will lightly ionize and give you a slight raise in pH and about -100 ORP [which is a fair amount of antioxidants for a portable device, but not anything close to what an electric water ionizer can do which I am not very fond of, water from electric ionizers is like GMO water ]. The AW-901 Alkaline Water Filter is the best portable water ionizer pitcher that I’ve ever tested. It will bring the water [even dead reverse osmosis or distilled water, yup it certainly does] up to 9.5 pH and the antioxidant levels to an exceptional -100 to -400, depending on how much water you ionize at one time; whether or not you give the filter a break between filtrations; and how close to filter expiration you are getting.
The AW-901 Alkaline Pitcher Will…

Filters 2 liters at a time
Raise pH and lightly ionize the water
Produce Negative ORP [as strong as -300 and I’ve seen it up to -400 ORP at times], transforming regular water into antioxidant water.
Filter the water nicely with active carbon: removes chlorine, organic impurities, odor and many other chemicals.
BPA free! Made with safe, AS & ABS food-grade plastics.
Soften the tap water: Ion exchange resin remove hardness [Ca+,Mg+].
Reduce heavy metals: The filter permanently absorbs metals, such as lead, copper and aluminum, so your drinking water will be cleaner.
Improve taste of water.
Contains alkalizing minerals which will help you alkalize your body.
The filter will last about 300 liters.
Timer: This is more of a decorative piece rather than a serious timer. I think it’s more effective to just use a calendar, because that’s all this little counter does. It calculates the number of days, based on the number of users you select. See the below for instructions. [We do not guarantee these timer pieces.]

Instructions for the AW-901 Alkaline Portable Water Ionizer Pitcher — Setting or Re-Setting the Timer

Push and hold the set button until you see one or more faces in the screen. Then push and let go several times until you see the number of faces you want. One face per gallon of daily expected use should give you the right time to change the filter. At one gallon per day the filter should need changing in two months. You don’t need to use the timer to know this. A calendar or mental note will do. The timer is electronic and shouldn’t get wet. It is not a guaranteed feature, and is there for convenience and/or decoration only, as it has no relation to the proper functioning of the filter. Once you see the right number of faces, then push/hold once more until you see the face(s) stop flashing and you see a filter icon to the right of it. Now it’s set. If you set it to one gallon per day then in about two months whenever you press/hold the start button and look at the icon — it will have an “X” over the filter. After one week of showing an “X” over the filter it will go to a blank screen awaiting you to re-program it. It’s not suggested to store the pitcher’s lid in the refrigerator if the lid has a timer. What could happen is that condensation could possibly form inside the timer and short out the electronics.

Instructions for the Alkaline Plus Portable Water Ionizer Pitcher — Getting the Best Results

Because the AW-901 Alkaline Water Pitcher requires the ability to add alkalizing minerals to the water. In order to work, it needs to be moistened-up ahead of time and it needs a break between filtrations. After the initial set up rinsing the filter isn’t necessary if the filter is still wet or moist from the last pouring. However if it dries out it tends to get less results than when moist. So maybe just pour just one cup [the first thing in the morning] and then after that maybe filter a quart per hour or two [something like that] rather than letting it dry out during the day.

It also may work differently according to what your source water is. For instance if your source is reverse osmosis, then the minerals in the filter will surely deplete faster than if you use regular tap water.
After lots of experimentation, here is what I’ve found:

The magnesium balls inside the filter are time-release and the filter must be moistened up prior to getting good results with it. Then the moist filter allows magnesium to be released in the right proportions.
If you filter a quart or less at a time, the ionizing pitcher will ionize better than if you fill it to its capacity.
If it’s going to be a long time in between uses [over 3 hours], store the filter in such a way as to keep the filter from drying out. [The magnesium inside the filter needs to be moistened up about 30-60 minutes ahead of each use if you allow it to dry out.]
To test it you should make sure to use the right test reagent. If the testing reagent doesn’t have a wide enough range it won’t give reliable results. The pH testing kit we offer through our site will work perfect to give you accurate results.
If you’re going to be not using it for a while [i.e., days, weeks…] then go ahead and let it dry out.
To dry the filter out [for storage] set it, unsealed, in the refrigerator for a few days. Then it will be dry, and you can store it in the pitcher till you’re ready to use it again.
When you are newly using the filter or you’re ready to use the Pitcher again, after storing it, activate the magnesium time-release balls inside the filter by pouring a cup of water [always cold water…never hot] into the pitcher. Then wait about 30-60 min. and it will be ready to go.
If you want to supply ionized water to several people we suggest you use two filters alternately, or buy a couple of pitchers.

What causes the variables in the pitcher’s ability to ionize?

The source water causes variables. Frequency: The filter ionizes by way of adding magnesium in the presence of magnetized ceramics. The magnesium balls are time-release and only the outer coating softens up to allow magnesium to be released a little at a time. If the filter is used moderately [1 liter per hour or two] then it performs the best. If it’s used a lot, then the ionization drops off, because there isn’t enough free [softened] magnesium. If it dries out, then the first pouring will be less ionization. However in an hour or two it will be back to peak performance.

FDA and Laboratory Testing
Summary of what the Tests are Saying: The first test reports show that using the AW-901 Alkaline Jug removes chlorine, and heavy metals. [Note: A slow-flow through activated carbon will also remove many other chemicals.] The filter also increases the pH of the water. The second and third tests certify that the plastic materials used in making the pitcher and reservoir [bin] are food-grade, FDA-approved to be non-leaching and safe.


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