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Everyone can relax with our easy to follow guided meditations, whether you meditate regularly or it’s your first time this is the perfect wellness solution to nourish your Mind, Body & Soul! Learn the traditional techniques used by millions of people throughout the ages to create peace and harmony in their lives with our downloadable MP3’s, click on each one to listen to a preview

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“We begin with deep breathing exercises to relax and calm your mind, followed by body awareness to anchor you in the present moment, moving into opening the chakras to raise your energy before entering the main focus of Transcendental Meditation utilising a Mantra. We will finish with grounding exercises and then return to fully awakened consciousness”

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To get you started here are a few different hand and leg positions

Each position directs energy in a different way, so every time you meditate you can have a completely different experience!

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By now you know the technique, so it’s time to put it into practice!

You may already know meditating has been proven to enhance mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing and that’s why you’re really here, isn’t it

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The mantra for this meditation is Ksama, pronounced K-sha-ma.

It is an ancient Sanskrit word meaning forgiveness, forbearance and patience.

This uplifting meditation is perfect to reconnect with your heart space and cultivate forgiveness, forbearance, patience and to feel unconditional love.

Use this meditation to cultivate forgiveness for yourself and others; after arguments with friends or family; to understand the struggles of life; to learn to grow and expand your consciousness through adversity; to learn patience; to experience unconditional love from the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine; to connect your true nature as a spiritual being with this physical plane.


The mantra for this meditation is Laya, pronounced Lu-ya.

It is an ancient Sanskrit word meaning dissolution, it is merging the breath, mind and heart into oneness.

This uplifting meditation is perfect to merge all aspects of self.

Use this meditation to reconnect to your Soul; feel inner peace and harmony; to feel and know the beauty that is inside of you; to understand the layers of self; to release attachments to ego, mind and body; to experience every part of yourself fully; to understand your true nature as a spiritual being.


The mantra for this meditation is Ananda, pronounced Aa-nun-d.

It is an ancient Sanskrit word meaning bliss from all sides, it generates a connection with the material world and your higher self. Open yourself to oneness in the experience of pure bliss.

This uplifting meditation is perfect for those seeking joy and bliss in their lives.

Use this meditation if you feel depressed, lonely or sad; to release emotional attachment to material desires; to find joy in your heart; to experience pure bliss; to understand what bliss is and that it is within you always.


The mantra for this meditation is Ham Sa, pronounced Hum-Sa.

It is an ancient Sanskrit word meaning “I am that”, HamSa therefore represents I am that I am, it is the pathway to connect with God and feel the unconditional love of all there is.

This uplifting meditation is perfect for those seeking to know Oneness.

Use this meditation to release emotional stress and negativity; to let go of tension and arguments with others; experience your connection to God, the Creator; to experience Oneness with all there is; reconnect with your Soul and beyond; to understand you are a miracle of Creation.