The Legal Stuff


By accepting a session with BsyncLIFE you agree to the following terms and conditions:

All advice, data and material is our opinion based on personal experience and information gathered through various scientific, medical and holistic sources provided for educational purposes only. Our programs are designed for health, wellness and vitality. We make no claims to diagnose, treat or cure illness and dis-ease, or prescribe any medical treatment as under current Australian Law only a licensed medical practitioner can do so. Our programs are not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a doctor or health care professional and if you act on any advice without the supervision of a licensed medical professional you do so at your own risk

We accept no responsibility for your choices but encourage you to take responsibility for yourself and make your own health care decisions. Always seek truth and trust what you feel in your heart. It is only our opinion that releasing emotional issues, balancing healthy relationships in all areas of life, maintaining a body free of chemicals, drinking clean water, eating nutritional whole foods, sunlight, regular exercise, spiritual practice and living your life purpose is healthy for you. This is the foundation of our 9 Virtues of Health, Wellness and Vitality

It is our life purpose to share with you the information we have gathered on a natural, holistic way of life learned through our own experience and thorough research, in the hope that we can lead by example so you too may choose to live a healthy lifestyle that is right for you

Individual results may vary as each set of life conditions are unique, but the deeper you commit to yourself the more you will benefit and that is something we can guarantee

We will show you the way, the power is in your hands to heal your life. Let our light guide you