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Kayla is naturally gifted with the art of Clairvoyance and Clairsentience, she is a Mind, Body & Soul Coach, Feminine Wellness Expert and Motivational Speaker with the profound ability to read your soul utilising tools such as the Tarot, numerology & channelled messages

Kayla is a realist, idealist and activator known for her accuracy as well as her charismatic personality. You will feel an instant connection with her on the deepest level as she opens you to love and activates your true potential. A warm and loving empath by nature she will quickly and easily get to the core of your needs  by empowering you with clarity and confidence to move you in the direction of your dreams

With her magnetic personality your answers are delivered with compassion and integrity centred around the present moment as your future is literally created by the choices you make now. You only ever really have two choices in life, to act on fear or love. Choose love with Kayla’s guidance, your future is waiting!

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Ivan is a realist, idealist and activator with a passion for safe, natural and effective wellness solutions! He 
is a Detoxification Specialist, Life Coach, Energy Healer and Captivating Speaker


Ivan holds a Double Diploma in Detoxification with Nutrition and Nutrition for Cancer Prevention and Longevity. He has also studied Unified Physics with the Resonance Academy and understands the nature of our world on a deep level. He has been described as a modern day Shaman, whole-istic healer and lover of life!

Ivan works with body chemistry and the human bio field to guide you back to health, wellness and vitality. He is a realist because he delivers real solutions for real life problems, an idealist because he upholds the highest values and integrity and an activator because he will activate your true potential. Known for his compassion and understanding, you will feel an instant connection with him as he inspires you to discover what true health really is and moves you in the direction of your dreams


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I want to share something with you that I think you will appreciate. I’m part of an online learning community called Resonance Academy that is dedicated to the exploration of the principles of unified physics. Unified physics is an emerging scientific paradigm with profound world-changing implications. I think you would really enjoy the Resonance Academy’s Delegate Program and their international community of critical thinkers. I completed the program in 2015 and am honoured to be a Delegate for the Resonance Academy which is why I am sharing this with you now.

The Delegate Program: Exploring the Connected Universe is an online course created to fundamentally change the way we see the world and empower us to make a difference on this planet. When we grasp the scientific evidence that we are all connected, our perception of the Universe completely shifts. This course will provide a foundational understanding of the field of unified physics while exploring core concepts of the holographic perspective and unified field model; current and emerging views in physics; historical roots of modern physics; and the critical shift in worldview that unified physics advances, both in consciousness and technological innovation.

This course has transformed my understanding of what’s actually possible for myself and for all of humanity. Please join me in this adventure of discovery!