Our Purpose

BsyncLIFE is a movement founded to breathe life into the hearts of courageous spirits who dare to dream big and be bold in the pursuit of living their most vibrant life. We draw you into a bustling world alive with color that’s irresistibly charming with a hint of rebellion. Dreams are created, stories are shared, connections are made and lives are improved so profoundly our people can never go back to the mundane.

BsyncLIFE creates epic mind, body and soul solutions so you can experience health, wellness and vitality while leading the way for a socially conscious and environmentally sustainable future. We bring vivacious style to the everyday while educating on natural and effective ways to B-in-sync-with-LIFE!


Our Future

To enrich the lives of everyone we meet and fulfill dreams through the experience of health, wellness and vitality.

BsyncLIFE is the brand that inspires people to be the star in their own lives, to heal in a revolutionary way, to love with a full heart and grow beyond their wildest expectations. We live by our motto – Inspire, Heal, Love, Grow


Our Beliefs

Our 9 Core Values create the foundation for everything we do. We believe they are the key elements vital for living a happy, healthy life that will take you to your full potential and fulfill your dreams. How do we know? Because these are the 9 elements that transformed our lives.


Discover more about Kayla

Kayla Shields is a Co-Founder of the BsyncLIFE Movement and CEO of Beyond Synchronicity Pty Ltd. She has dedicated her life to creating and advocating safe, natural & effective wellness solutions for everyone.

Kayla’s credentials include being a Certified Red Tent Women’s Circle Facilitator; Level One Graduate of the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy; Spiritual Healing Practitioner accredited in S.N.U Principals; and student at Robbins-Madanes Training. Her most profound learnings have come through first-hand life experience having lived through significant trauma in her earlier years, gaining the ability to transmute those experiences in adult life through her own healing journey. It’s true when they say “You can’t buy experience”, and this unique quality is what makes Kayla a strong leader and mentor to all of her clients. If you’re looking for an inspiration who’s lived, it, walked it and breathes it, then Kayla is your go-to woman!

Known for her passion and charismatic personality Kayla is a Realist Idealist and Activator delivering real solutions for real life problems to activate your full potential. You’ll fall in love with her raw, authentic, no-filter nature. Born gifted with the art of Clairvoyance and Clairsentience, Kayla is also a Transformational Coach, Spiritual Luminary, Feminine Wellness Expert, Entrepreneur and Motivational Speaker. Her purpose is to help you discover yours, to elevate human consciousness into a new age.


Discover more about Ivan

Ivan Bortic is a Co-Founder of the BsyncLIFE Movement and Consultant for Beyond Synchronicity Pty Ltd. He has dedicated his life to creating and advocating safe, natural and effective wellness solutions for everyone.

Ivan’s credentials include a Diploma in Detoxification with Nutrition; student for a Diploma in Nutrition for Cancer Prevention and Longevity; and Graduate of the Delegate Program in Unified Physics with the Resonance Academy. Ivan works with body chemistry and the human bio field to guide you back to health, wellness and vitality. He is a realist because he delivers real solutions for real life problems, an idealist because he upholds the highest values and integrity and an activator because he will activate your true potential. He’s been described as a modern day Shaman, whole-istic healer and lover of life!

Known for his extensive knowledge in the field of natural health Ivan is an expert Regenerative Detoxification Specialist, Transformational Coach, Energy Healer, Entrepreneur and Educational Speaker. His purpose is to help you elevate your health, wellness and vitality so you can live to your full potential.