Every day I see people go on and on about vitamin B17, aka Amygdalin or Laetrile (which is a semi-synthetic, man-made supplement), and a major conspiracy to cover up the health benefits and potent anti-cancer properties of this nutrient.  So what’s fact and what’s fiction?

It is true the FDA has banned Laetrile and attempted to ban some B17 isolated supplements all over the world, BUT people also love a good story and love to do what they get told they “can’t do” like rebellious little children. Could it all be a big hoax, is it a wild conspiracy or is there any merit to the stories? Careful now, don’t let the cognitive dissonance set in too quickly. You’ll want to read this to the end and discover exactly what mixed berries have to do with B17…


The legend of Vitamin B17 begins in the Hunza Valley, Pakistan, where an exceptionally healthy native peoples live despite the harshness of weather conditions and desolate landscapes. The sturdy, mountaineering natives are a light-complexioned race, much fairer of skin tone than the natives of the northern plains of India. They are said to be descendants from three soldiers of Alexander the Great who lost their way in one of the precipitous gorges of the Himalayas. They always refer to themselves as Hunzukuts and to their land as Hunza, but modern ignorance has led to calling the people Hunzas.

The Hunzakuts made headlines in 1921 from an English physician, Sir Robert McCarrison, who travelled to the USA and delivered a speech called “Faulty Food in Relation to Gastro-Intestinal Disorders”, based on the diet and lifestyle of the Hunzakuts. In 1927 he conducted experiments proving how detrimental a standard western diet is, and how healing and regenerative whole food plant based natural diets are. Imagine that, a medical professional proving your diet significantly impacts your health all those years ago, yet today’s doctors claim food has no influence. With a current education system forgetting about research like Sir Robert McCarrison’s, it’s no wonder medical errors have become the third largest leading cause of death today.

Because of extreme isolation, long winters and constant snow, the Hunzakuts rely heavily upon using everything they can for food. One of their staples to help get through the winter months is the humble apricot kernel left from the fruits in summer which contain high amounts of Amygdalin (natural B17), and so the urban legend began of the forbidden fruit – well, fruit seed actually!

Could it be more likely that the Hunza Valley is located in an extremely isolated high altitude part of the world free of modern toxicity, and perhaps that’s the real reason why these people are so healthy? With pure glacier water running through the mountainside, zero processed foods or processed sugar, no chemicals or modern chemical agriculture practices…. Just a free people living off their land. How healthy would you be living like this? For many of us this is our dream isn’t it? Fresh food and water, living off your own land in tune with nature.

From a Regenerative Detoxification standpoint, cold weather is also alkalizing for the human body. It creates a cationic effect to expel cellular metabolic wastes and excessive mucus which is a natural process of detoxification and promotes great health and vitality. High altitude living trains the body to be more efficient and promotes longevity, it’s why athletes train in the mountains before major events. All must be considered contributing factors to the health of the Hunzakut people. It’s also important to recognize that the Hunzakuts do not have a traditional calendar, they measure time by their life achievements and were known to embellish stories told to travelers through the region. No doubt though, they did live healthily into old age.

You know, every time we examine local tribes around the world we find incredible health from native people’s living natural lifestyles adapted to their local environment. This is not an isolated incidence with the Hunzakuts.


As a Regenerative Detoxification Specialist I can safely say if you rely upon an urban legend and apricot kernels to treat your cancer you’re focusing in the wrong direction. It’s not going to save you. Hard truth for some of you to swallow, but I say it with kindness because there are much better, safer, natural options available. In my honest opinion, I wouldn’t even bother with apricot kernels and have never offered them or specific B17 treatment to any of my clients because it’s just not necessary.

A body with cancer is a body that is starving for nutrition and while apricot kernels may contain B17 which some studies show does have the capacity to destroy some types of cancerous cells, there is little other nutrition in this kernel and the suggested dosage is very small anyway. Proponents for apricot kernel treatment suggest ingesting around 20-50 kernels per day depending on bodyweight, which equates to between 500-1000 milligrams of B17 daily. Seeds and kernels are also difficult for the human body to digest, they use increased amounts of energy for digestion and that’s energy which could be better spent healing. Vitamin B17 and apricot kernels also do nothing to cleanse the lymphatic system or reverse the conditions which create abnormal cells in the first place.

It’s common knowledge that too high a dose of B17 can cause all sorts of digestive complaints like nausea and vomiting, low blood pressure, dizziness and can also be liver toxic. The reason it makes you feel sick is because B17 can convert to cyanide in your intestines, and higher doses can be lethal but don’t worry you’ll typically vomit before ingesting a lethal dose because vomiting is your body’s natural self defense mechanism for expelling toxins fast. Apricot kernels lack other vital phytonutrients to buffer these effects of B17.

Most people who take apricot kernel supplements are also doing so based on the alleged benefits of laetrile therapy. Laetrile is very, very different from nature’s apricot kernels although most advocates fail to recognize this fact and place B17, apricot kernels and laetrile all in the same basket. It can be very confusing for people seeking help and it’s just bad science to do this. You could consider apricot kernels to be a “poor man’s” version of the synthetic laetrile, but just because both contain B17 doesn’t mean they are the same or do the same thing.


Laetrile, which is the commonly marketed supplement many people choose, is semi-synthetic, man-made, and generally contains added cyanide among other things! Laetrile has been available in medicine since the 1800’s, although Laetrile’s safety and effectiveness has always been questionable. Modern research and use has been shrouded in controversy, from whistle blowers reporting the destruction of research and falsified records, to legitimate studies suggesting toxicity and everything in between.

Laetrile is used in clinics in Mexico, Germany and parts of Asia intravenously in combination with other therapies. In these clinics, the doctors also deal with the issues of damage to healthy, non-cancerous cells and rebuilding the immune system after use. I’ve seen advocates for Laetrile say it’s more toxic to damaged cells than to healthy cells and then try to justify why this is good for people with cancer, but the truest truth is that poison is still poison, and cyanide is a poison that affects damaged/weaker cells first. Most people who are facing a serious, life threatening condition also make several dietary and lifestyle changes at the same time which means it’s impossible to attribute Laetrile or B17 to their recovery. Even administering doctors concede it’s used in combination with other therapies so it’s difficult to get accurate data.

If you’re choosing B17 as a natural therapy for cancer treatment, why would you choose the synthetic man-made version? That doesn’t even make any sense because there’s nothing natural about it. Furthermore it is an expensive treatment, and it does cause secondary issues that need to be dealt with by administering doctors. In my eyes, if it’s expensive and causes damage to healthy cells then Laetrile is no better than traditional toxic treatments like chemotherapy.


A little known fact is that many types of berries contain vitamin B17 such as strawberries, blueberries, huckleberries and cranberries. One cup of blackberries, gooseberries, boysenberries, raspberries or elderberries can provide around 500 milligrams of vitamin B17.

✓ Berries are fast and easy to digest
✓ Take little energy to digest
✓ Contain thousands of phytonutrients including massive amounts of anti-oxidants to neutralize cancer causing free-radicals
✓ They are the highest energy foods on the planet with over 12’000 Angstroms of energy
✓ They contain several other anti-cancer properties which seek out damaged cells and can cause cell apoptosis
✓ They contain anti-angiogenic compounds which stop tumors from growing blood vessels and can “starve” tumors of their blood supply
✓ They are powerful detoxifiying fruits and excellent cleansers of the lymphatic system because they’re high in astringent compounds
✓ Berries have the nutritional capacity to repair the brain and nervous system.
✓ Berries are NOT liver toxic
✓ They won’t make you nauseous
✓ You can eat as much as you want of them as often as you want too!

The best part is that they’re not banned, will never be banned, there’s no controversy or necessity to get a hold of an “illegal” or controlled substance. Remember this, when a substance is labelled “illegal”, it drives the price up and integrity down. Many B17 supplements are coming from third world countries with compromised manufacturing processes too. Don’t buy into the marketing hype. Your sense of adventure and rebellion for an exotic, banned treatment is leading you further away from the blunt truth that’s right in front of you and easily accessible for everyone.


There are several dietary and lifestyle factors to consider with the health and longevity of the Hunzakut people, it’s not just one “silver bullet”.

Stop focusing on isolated substances like B17. It’s completely unnecessary and takes you away from the truth because real nutrition works as a whole food just like your body works as a whole organism. It’s easy to get lost in intellectualism so keep it simple and eat more whole fruits.

Laetrile is a synthetic man-made substance that is completely different to B17 and apricot kernels.

If you’re looking at a B17 or Laetrile supplement for a cancer diagnosis then you might want to reconsider your options because there are safer and better ways to invest your time and money that will produce far better results!


The many documented benefits of berries as nutritional support while reversing cancer naturally far outweigh the anecdotal reports of both Laetrile and apricot kernels. 1-2 cups of mixed berries offers the equivalent amount B17 as 25-50 apricot kernels without any of the unwanted side effects such as nausea or damage to healthy cells which makes it a more intelligent choice.

Eat a cup of mixed berries every day for great health and longevity. It’s one of the first things I invite ALL of my clients to do, and I would encourage you to do the same. Whether it’s whole or in a smoothie, fresh or frozen it doesn’t matter, just make sure they’re wildcrafted or organically grown.

One cup of mixed berries daily will provide a ton of other nutritional compounds your body needs from omega fatty acids, to a range of vitamins and minerals to improve your health, wellness and vitality. It’s not just about B17, berries offer a whole lot more.

Thanks for reading the hard truth about apricot kernels and vitamin B17. The next step is to take action and start adding a variety of berries to your daily routine. Let us know about your experiences in the comments below!

If you enjoyed reading this then share the love because someone you know needs to know this too!


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