Want to know the secret that EVERYONE’S talking about? This is something you’ll want to experience for yourself!

I know your health & wellbeing is important to you, and that’s why you’re always on the lookout for revolutionary new wellness solutions. But what if I told you it’s ANCIENT WISDOM that you’re really looking for? A tradition handed down through the generations, spoken about in every culture around the world and written in the first recorded medical journals… Could this be EXACTLY what you need?

This beautiful ritual known as Yoni Steaming allows you to meet the Divine Goddess within, connecting mind, body & soul in a space of harmony where you can nurture your needs in the most loving way. Sounds absolutely amazing, doesn’t it. Just wait till you feel it for the first time yourself, you’ll be hooked just like I was.

Every woman can benefit from a Yoni Steam to improve her quality of life, and that’s why you’re really here, because you’ve been looking for a way to enhance your wellbeing and our Yoni Steams are the perfect solution. I know you feel connected to this because it is a tradition practiced by your ancestors, imprinted in your DNA as well as the collective feminine consciousness which is why you want to experience the benefits of this whole plant wellness solution with your heart. This is your invitation sister to discover the profound benefits of our Blessed Yoni Steams!


The ritual of a Yoni Steam has been lost among the modern Western cultures, and it’s time for all women to rediscover this beautiful practice of self love once again. A cold womb can not hold new life, and it is my belief that a disconnection from your womb is directly associated with a disconnection in all areas of a woman’s life because your womb is your center, it is where all your creative potential is born. With such a disconnection from this sacred space so common in today’s world, it’s no surprise fertility rates are dropping while treatments like IVF and synthetic hormones are on the rise.

The Yoni Steam is a sacred practice for you to go within and connect with your womb, your core, and bring love into this part of yourself. It is an opportunity to allow the healing wisdom of Gaia and her plant medicine to enter and nourish every part you. Yoni Steaming is about empowering yourself to love, heal and maintain your body, trusting the support of your ancestors who held this tradition before you. It is about reclaiming your femininity, cherishing your physical body while liberating the un-manifested creative potential that resides in your womb. From Love, Love will grow.


This tradition has been passed down from healers, medicine men/women, midwives and doula’s alike throughout the ages. Women have shared this knowledge with each other, inspiring one another to heal and nourish their core, the infinite spark that holds all of creation. Hippocrates taught about Yoni Steams in ancient Greece where it was recorded in the worlds first medical texts. It was also written about by the ancient Mayan culture half a world away from Hippocrates! The technique of Yoni Steams has since spread worldwide and has been found in literature throughout Africa, Spain, the Caribbean, Korea and other parts of Asia.


A Yoni Steam works by steeping herbs in a pot of boiling water for about 15 minutes allowing the natural oils which contain nourishing properties to be released. It’s important to note that essential oils are too concentrated to use in a Yoni Steam which is why you want the whole herb as it releases the perfect ratios of nourishing compounds. It’s also important to use filtered or natural spring water as tap water contains many harsh chemicals that don’t belong anywhere near your Yoni! Chemicals like chlorine in tap water turn to vapor when heated and it can be damaging to the mucus membranes of your Yoni.

Set a quiet space to perform your ceremony, perhaps even light some candles and play some gentle music. If you’re looking for some great tunes I’ve created a dedicated Spotify Yoni Steam Playlist here. When you’re all set, place the herbs and water into a bowl and squat over it naked from the waist down. It is important to wrap a towel or sarong around yourself to invite the warmth and steam into your womb. Keep your feet warm with socks too. Allowing the cold air or a cold floor to contact your naked skin can be counter intuitive because part of the magic of the Yoni Steam happens when the warmth increases circulation and blood flow to your legs, waist and Yoni area.

Squat for 20 minutes over your bowl and invite the power of Gaia into your most sacred space. Maintain the temperature by standing for a few seconds if need be so as not to burn yourself, then return to the steam. Be careful not to squat too low though, you don’t want to burn yourself! It may take a little adjusting at first but you’ll quickly discover the perfect position. This practice is imprinted in your DNA, remember.

Use this time to focus on reconnecting to your womb and set your intent for the ceremony. I provide prayer and intention for each specific blend however this is your steam so get creative. You may cry tears of joy as you find yourself again, or perhaps tears of sadness as you release the emotions of your past. The experience varies for each woman but the results are always profound! Return the herbs to the Earth when finished and love yourself afterwards as you reflect on your personal experience with the Yoni Steam. Many women enjoy journaling after a steam as it is a time of deep prophetic insights into both yourself and your life as a whole.


The moisture from the steam carries the oils to where they are needed, firstly to the outer area of your vagina. It is important to squat over your bowl of herbs as this is a natural position for your body to be in, opening your hips and vagina which is important for when it is time to give birth as it can foster an easier delivery. Squatting relaxes your nervous system, improves concentration and stimulates circulation, it also helps to achieve balance and remain grounded as you lengthen your spine upward. For those who find it difficult to squat, you can use a chair to sit on with an open base to allow the steam to enter and slowly work your way towards the squatting position over time. Specialized Yoni Steam chairs can be found online, however squatting is the preferred position. For women who have transitioned past child bearing years it is ok to use a chair.

Please, never ever use your toilet bowl for this practice!! It has become quite common to see this being done online however it is extremely unhygienic. You don’t want any unwanted bacterias attaching to the steam, nor do you want any toxic toilet cleaning chemicals to be activated and released with the heat and steam.

The heat and moisture of the Yoni Steam gently increase circulation allowing your labia to swell and open where the steam can then reach the inner labia and mucus membranes. The oils are then absorbed via the mucosal lining and taken through the bloodstream to your uterus and throughout your reproductive system. Whole herbs provide gentle absorption of the oil, essential oil extract is too concentrated and potent for this delicate and sensitive area.

During this ritual focus your love and attention on your womb, connecting to your core and nourishing your inner needs. It is a sacred time where the flow of energy is open creating the space for emotional release. It is a powerful time for you as you align your physical body with your mental, spiritual and emotional body to find your centre in peace & harmony. While this energy flows through your womb, the blood circulation increases also which regenerates the lining of your womb giving you the opportunity to shed that which no longer serves you both physically and emotionally. This promotes a healthy heart and womb, balancing hormones and emotions throughout your cycle for a happy, connected and empowered life.


YESSS!! It absolutely matters!

Standard farming practices, also known as Conventional farming, allow hundreds of toxic chemicals to be used in the agricultural industry. Many of these chemicals are carcinogenic, mutagenic and endocrine disruptors which can seriously impact your health. Some of these chemicals are linked to birth defects, female reproductive cancers and infertility.

If you use conventional herbs in a Yoni Steam these toxic chemical residues from the herb will leech into your water and be carried into your Yoni through the steam. That’s not good if you value your health. When choosing any Yoni Steam the first question you should be asking is “Is this made from Certified Organic or Wildcrafted herbs?”

So what’s the difference between organic, Certified Organic, and Wildcrafted?

Organic is just a word these days, unfortunately it can be bought just like the word “natural”.

Certified Organic means the herb has been certified by a governing body to maintain organic farming and production practices, which is what you want to feel confident in using the herbs for your Yoni.

Wildcrafted means wildly grown, and typically wildcrafted herbs are of the highest quality because they are grown naturally and free from human interventions.

We promise to never compromise on quality or integrity because we value you more than profits. When you choose to shop with us you get the very BEST and that’s something we guarantee, because you’re worth it! Our range of Yoni Steams are made from Certified Organic, Wildcrafted and consciously cultivated botanicals.

The particular herbs used for Yoni Steaming matter too! Some herbs just don’t belong anywhere near your Yoni such as coriander or lilies which negatively affect your nervous system. Medicinal Mushrooms like Chaga are also becoming quite commonly used BUT it’s a bad idea because they create fungal conditions. Every herb in our range was specifically chosen for it’s safety, efficacy, traditional use and capacity to blend well with the other herbs in each pack.


It’s not recommended to do a Yoni Steam if you have a marina, other form of contraceptive implant, prolapsed ring, internal swelling, while you have your menses, while you are pregnant, or after possible conception if you are trying to conceive a baby.

This sacred practice is not to be used to clean your vagina as your vagina is inherently self cleaning.


Yoni Steams can be done as often as you feel you need to. They are a safe and effective way to support women’s health challenges and a powerful way to reconnect with your femininity, to love and nurture your womb.

It is recommended for maintenance to do a steam once a month, a few days prior to menses. If you’re concerned about health challenges it may be worthwhile to do a steam once a week until you return to a regular cycle. For bacterial imbalances many women have found relief using our blend Purification daily for 2-3 days consecutively. Our blend Love & Fertility has also been used by many women for 2-3 days consecutively just prior to ovulation while preparing to conceive children.

You can check out our entire range of Yoni Steams HERE

Always trust your inner wisdom with how often your body needs this profound tradition and always use the herbs you feel most drawn to.

Thanks for reading everything you need to know about Yoni Steams. The next step is to take action and try one for yourself because this is something you’ll want to feel with your heart. If you already love Yoni Steams then leave a comment below and tell us about your experience!

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