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Hi, we’re Ivan & Kayla and we want to say WELCOME!

We know you want to improve your life, don’t you? And that’s why we created this Mind, Body & Soul Coaching space just for you filled with the tools, guidance and inspiration you need to empower yourself to live an authentic life filled with joy, passion and purpose.

This is YOUR space to enjoy and use for daily life so take as much time as you need to look around and find your personal wellness solution which is here, waiting to be found! Feel free to flick us a message or call us if there is anything more we can do for you!

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Need help activating great health to live pain free?

You’ll want Regenerative Detoxification with Nutrition

It’s time to invest in yourself, because you are worth it! Let us guide you to becoming the best version of you with our specialised package below, so you can live a happy, healthy and authentic life!

Let’s get YOU in the zone!

Say YES to great health & wellness!

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Can you feel the excitement as you’re here reading this, knowing your personalised wellness solution is waiting to be discovered? You may not know how easy it is to find, or maybe you do, either way just click on the images below or head over to our shop to find exactly what you need. We’ve got you covered!


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Much Love to you,

Ivan & Kayla xo